New Tesco store to open “late autumn”

New Tesco store

The new Tesco store at Bradley Stoke’s town centre development is currently scheduled to open in “late autumn” according to a contact at Tesco’s public relations consultants. This is somewhat later than the date of October 2008 currently being advertised in the existing Tesco store, but is still on target for a pre-Christmas opening.

Our new Town Centre Countdown panel in the sidebar of this website shows the number of days remaining until the opening. Check out our new Timeline page, which will keep track of the projected opening dates.

The new Tesco store alone has a retail floorspace nearly two and a half times that of the existing store. Attached to the new store will be a set of 18 “mall unit shops” over two floors. Elsewhere in the complex there will be five “town centre units” together with five “non-food retail retail units”.

The detailed site plan can be viewed on the South Gloucestershire Council website (warning: large file!).

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