Meadowbank by-election: latest Conservative leaflet

The latest Meadowbank by-election campaign leaflet from local Conservatives has appeared today. Under the headline ‘Positive Campaigning Locally’, Cllrs Rob Jones and John Ashe tell voters:

“So many local people [we] have spoken to tell us how badly they feel Labour has let down our area.”

The Councillors go on to highlight local issues on which they claim the Conservatives have successfully campaigned, including plans for a sixth form at Bradley Stoke Community School, an NHS dentist in the new town centre and youth provision in the town.

By-election candidate Paul Turner says of the planned sixth form:

“The Conservative team have been campaigning on this issue and finally, owing to their dedication and commitment we have success. I hope that the learning and skills council are able to back these plans – we could see the new sixth form in place as soon as 2010.”

Voting in the by-election takes place this coming Thursday, 2nd October. The polling station, at the Church of Christ the King, Mautravers Close, will be open from 7am to 10pm.

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