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Free removal of graffiti from private property in Bradley Stoke – for the next fortnight

Posted on Monday 6th October 2008 at 6:50 am by SH (Editor)

South Gloucestershire Council is offering to remove graffiti free of charge from private property in Bradley Stoke. The initiative, which starts today (Monday 6th), was announced at last week’s meeting of the Bradley Stoke Safer & Stronger Community Group.

The Council normally charges £15 to remove graffiti from private property, but the fee is being waived for the next fortnight. Householders will need to sign an indemnity agreement before the Council carries out the work.

For details of how to contact the Council, see Get Something Done About It – Graffiti. That page also describes how to notify private companies such as Western Power Distribution, BT and Royal Mail about graffiti on their property in Bradley Stoke.

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