Police target inconsiderate parking at Meadowbrook Primary School

Meadowbrook Primary School

Bradley Stoke Police have introduced a ‘Three Strikes’ scheme to combat inconsiderate parking around the town’s Meadowbrook Primary School in Three Brooks Lane.

The move comes after the problem was agreed as a priority issue at the Safer & Stronger Community Group meeting on 30th September.

Neighbours of the school told the meeting that parents/carers dropping children off at the school were continuing to ignore parking restrictions, creating hazards for other road users and pedestrians.

Earlier in the year, a Police ‘street briefing’ in Crystal Way, which adjoins the school, led to a ‘Zero Tolerance Month’ being declared with regard to parking on pavements and blocking driveways. Police later reported that a number of fixed penalty notices had been issued and “strong words of advice” given.

A letter announcing the ‘Three Strikes’ campaign was delivered last Thursday to properties in streets surrounding the school. In the letter, Police ask residents to report occurances of illegal or inconsiderate parking by filling out an ‘incident form’ and handing it in at the school office.

Under the ‘Three Strikes’ scheme, a first offence leads to a letter from the Police, a second offence triggers a home visit and a third offence results in a parking fine of £30 or £60 plus three points.

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