Jubilee Green trees destroyed by vandals

Jubilee Green Tree Damage

Trees planted just months ago along the edge of the Jubilee Green in Savages Wood Road have been destroyed in a mindless attack by vandals.

Over 20 trees were planted as part of a community action day in February to mark the start of a project to construct a Beacon Playground on the site.

A local resident contacted The Journal with news that two of the trees had been damaged in an attack thought to have occurred last Thursday night.

A visit by The Journal’s reporter confirmed that two of the ten foot high trees have been snapped off at a point about three feet above ground level.

Construction of the Jubilee Green Playground is yet to begin, despite plans to have it ready for the Community Festival in mid-June. The project was recently hit by a 45% rise in costs after tenders were found to be significantly higher than had been anticipated.

News of the vandalism comes just weeks after similar damage was inflicted on a number of comparatively smaller trees in the town’s Community Orchard (planted in 2007), situated in the Three Brooks Local Nature Reserve, behind the Secondary School.

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