Are we paying over the odds for fuel at Tesco?

Tesco Filling Station, Bradley Stoke.

A local businessman has claimed that customers of the Tesco petrol filling station in Bradley Stoke are being charged a premium compared to other Tesco garages in the Bristol area.

The man, who does not wish to be named, claims that prices at the Tesco garage in Staple Hill are consistently up to to 3p a litre cheaper than Bradley Stoke, which can add almost £2 to the price of a full tank.

The facts are that Tesco are selling fuel at up to 3p per litre cheaper at other stations of theirs, when this fuel all comes from Avonmouth at the same cost.

How can this be justified? Or is it that they feel the residents of Bradley Stoke can afford it?

He added that staff at the Bradley Stoke garage have told him that Tesco no longer operates a price comparision policy on fuel but maintain that their petrol and diesel remain “competitively priced”.

When The Journal checked prices today, the cheapest five sources within five miles of Bradley Stoke were all offering unleaded at 108.9p per litre, 2p cheaper than the 110.9p asked at Bradley Stoke.

We weren’t able to check the price at Tesco Staple Hill, but Tesco Eastville prices were 1p lower than Bradley Stoke when we checked on Sunday.

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  1. Considering Bradley Stoke is now a catchment area for all things Tesco I’m not surprised that we are charged more than other areas.In Staple Hill and Eastville residents have the luxury of who they do business with.

  2. We get our petrol at Esso or the garage opposite Dick Lovett at Cribbs Causeway on the way to or from work – its much cheaper.

    Wont buy at Tesco because we have had problems with it in the past causing misfiring etc. Its not of a very good quality compared to others apparently due to the additives which are put in as it is delivered/pumped

  3. Consumer power, with Asda, Morrisons and Esso all just one junction down the motorway, if we all stopped buying fuel at tesco it would soon get the point. How did the prices get so high with barely a grumble? Crude Oil is now less than $75 a barrell, and yet we are paying similar prices to when it was $120 a barrell?

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