Proposed bus rapid transit scheme extended to serve Cribbs Causeway

Rapid Transit BusA proposed rapid transit scheme that could see a high-speed bus service linking Bristol city centre with Bradley Stoke has had its scope extended to include Cribbs Causeway.

The move, endorsed at a meeting of the West of England Partnership’s (WoEP) Joint Transport Executive (JTE) Committee on Thursday, is said to be “in response to the views of the public expressed during consultation”.

The £197 million scheme was originally planned to run as far as the Aztec West Business Park, but will now continue on to The Mall at Cribbs Causeway, via Patchway.

A report submitted to the JTE Committee states that:

“… the route [to Cribbs Causeway] adds benefits to the package and the cost of this additional section can be incorporated into the funding available.”

Proposed Rapid Transit Service NetworkThe report also states that the service between Bristol and Cribbs Causeways, nominally numbered X90, will operate with a 10 minute frequency.

The scheme is part of the larger North Fringe to Hengrove Package, which also incorporates a new Stoke Gifford by-pass and a park and ride facility beside the M32 at Stapleton.

If implemented, the scheme will see special ‘bendy buses’ running on dedicated lanes along the full length of Bradley Stoke Way.

The latest plans foresee four stops in the town: Bradley Stoke South (Baileys Court), The Willow Brook Centre, Patchway Brook Roundabout (Aldi) and Woodlands Lane.

The proposals must now be approved by the Cabinets of South Gloucestershire Council (meeting on 1st March) and Bristol City Council (25th March) before a bid is submitted to the government’s Department of Transport.

The Journal Comments

This scheme has a long way to go before it gets the green light from central government. It is already a large project and the extension to Cribbs Causeway adds yet more complexity.

This factor, combined with the expected pressure on government expenditure over the next few years, leaves the project vulnerable to cancellation or curtailment.

The latest report from the WoEP describes the route between UWE and Bristol city centre as being the “core section” of the scheme. So does that mean that anything beyond this might be sacrificed when budgets come under pressure?

MPs and Councillors representing Bradley Stoke need to be active in stressing the importance of the Stoke Gifford by-pass and the need for a high-speed, reliable, bus service for our town.

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  1. This is Great News. I (and others) were concerned that the route was not complete without the extension to Cribbs Causeway and the inclusion of the Park & Ride at Parkway. It’s gratifying to know that if you say things often enough people do end up listening. This really is a victory for commonsense.

    Cllr Jon Williams

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