Mr ‘None of the Above’ Zero set to stand in Filton and Bradley Stoke

Posted on Sunday 11th April 2010 at 7:18 pm by SH (Editor)

A Bristol man who recently changed his name by deed poll to ‘None of the Above Zero’ says he plans to stand as a candidate in the Filton and Bradley Stoke (FABS) constituency at the General Election.

Bristol 24-7 reported last week that Mr Zero, formerly known as Eric Mutch, intended to stand as a candidate in Bristol South, where Dawn Primarolo is the current MP.

But now, writing on his ‘The Fun Revolution‘ blog, Mr Zero says he has changed his mind and will contest the FABS seat instead.

Mr Zero’s campaign statement calls for a ‘none of the above box’ to be included on ballot papers, enabling voters to voice their discontentment and/or disillusionment with the current political system and/or political parties.

Because names on ballot papers are listed alphabetically by surname, Mr Zero is likely to be the final candidate in the list, appearing as “Zero, None of the Above”.

Should he be elected, Mr Zero says he will resign immediately, forcing a by-election.

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No Responses to “Mr ‘None of the Above’ Zero set to stand in Filton and Bradley Stoke”

  1. John Noneoftheabove Daramy Says:

    Good Luck! I am standing as John Noneoftheabove Daramy in Chesterfield!

  2. Of The Above None Says:

    Best of luck to all the ‘noneoftheabove’ candidates. Please keep me posted re the results. Visit my 2007 Australian General Election experience at

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