Will the ‘new politics’ impact Bradley Stoke?

Interesting article (Toasting the new politics) from Paul Barltrop, BBC Political Editor for the West of England, who managed to get Conservative and Lib Dem activists from Bristol North west together to chat on television about their parties’ parliamentary marriage.

Could we see a similar love-in on Bradley Stoke Town Council (BSTC), where the Tories out number the Lib Dems by 12 to 2? Could save a few bob on by-elections (£5k a throw, according to a recent report).

Might seem unlikely as Lib Dem stalwart Cllr Jon Williams was recently sanctioned for describing his (predominantly) Conservative colleagues as “a bunch of w****ers” at a BSTC Council meeting in December 2008.

Then again, David Cameron is apparently on record as saying his favourite joke is (was?) Nick Clegg.

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