Is a Boots store back on the agenda for Bradley Stoke?

A planning application registered with South Gloucestershire Council suggests that a Boots store might still be coming to Bradley Stoke, despite earlier rumours that negotiations had broken down.

Boots UK has lodged an application for the “installation of mezzanine floor and provision of fire exit/office entrance door” at unit 1 of the retail terrace at the Willow Brook Centre.

The Journal had previously heard from an unofficial source that Tesco had blocked the move because a Boots store would compete with their own pharmacy.

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  1. I was told by a Tesco employee yesterday that Boots would not be allowed to open a pharmacy in The Willow Brook Centre. Maybe Boots is opening a store without a pharmacy. Either way, it will offer a greater choice of toiletries, cosmetics, baby equipment and gifts, which can only be good, healthy (excuse the pun) competition for Tesco, which does currently have a monopoly in the area. I think Boots will be a great addition to the town.