Man to be charged in connection with Brook Way robbery

Police Car

Bradley Stoke Police say they arrested three adult males following a robbery in Brook Way on Friday 20th August.

Two males are said to have grabbed a female’s handbag as she passed them walking in the opposite direction.

The victim was pushed over when she resisted. No weapons were used and she sustained no injuries. One male left in a green Volvo car whilst the other walked off, dropping the victim’s bag.

Beat Manager PC Steven Palmer  says he wishes to assure  local residents that this is an unusual offence for Bradley Stoke and that there haven’t been any other robberies in the town since his arrival two years ago*.

Of the three males arrested, police say one is currently on bail and will be charged with robbery on his return; the other two are to be released without charge.

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* Statistics published on the Local Crime Mapping website show that there were, in fact, two robberies in the last twelve months within the Bradley Stoke Beat area.

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  1. Interesting how the beat manager thinks this is the first robbery since he started 2 years ago yet there is another attempted robbery only 2 months prior. Or doesn’t this count as the poor scared fellow didn’t meet up to the robbers high standards. Come on Steve, get out amongst the townsfolk and bring them confidence. Night time is turning nasty in many areas with drunken abusive youths etc. Yes we have tried reporting thngs but your phone line just rings and the answer phone no longer connects.

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