Bradley Stoke MP backs return of smoking in pubs

Local MP Jack Lopresti has voted in favour of allowing people to smoke in pubs again – but the bid to overturn the ban was defeated.

Wednesday night’s motion, put forward by Tory MP David Nuttall, was lost by 141 votes to 86.

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  1. How stupid, bet he is a smoker. Its so much nicer now going to pubs and restaurants without having it ruined for you but smoking. I hated coming home smelling like an ashtray.

  2. Dear Dave P and JS,

    Jack Lopresti here, as requested I would like to explain and clarify my position on the attempt to try to introduce a Commons Bill that would give pub landlords the right to choose whether to allow people to smoke on their premises.

    Firstly I am broadly in support of the original smoking ban; I agree that the smoking ban has made visiting pubs a much more pleasant experience.
    However my view is that it is about freedom and about giving people the choice to make responsible decisions. Many local pubs have been affected by the smoking ban with an unprecedented number of pubs closing every week; pubs are a focal point of many communities especially in rural areas. This Bill aimed to give landlords and patrons a choice and smoking would only be permitted in a separate room fitted with air extraction equipment. I believe that this would be a vast improvement on the current experience which forces smokers outside in all weathers which can often lead to local residents who live close to pubs being disturbed by noise late at night.

    I hope that this gives you some clarification to my decision, if you would like to discuss this issue further you can email me at

    Best wishes,