[Forum] Town Council office consultation is missing a Willow Brook option

Bradley Stoke resident John Miller asks why the Town Council’s currently-running public consultation on the future location of the Council’s office lacks an option for a relocation of the office to the Willow Brook Centre.

For years the expectation has been that when the District Centre was completed, the BSTC administration Office would move down into it. Being more central and available than the Woodlands site.

Yet in offering consultation, this piece of history is apparently not worthy of consideration.WHY?

This Council does not seem to appreciate the past or present problems that the residents in the Jubilee Centre area have to endure. I refer to anti social behaviour and car parking. The current car parking provision at the Jubilee Centre is inadequate. Which leads to overspill and resulting congestion in the street(s).

Bringing the administration offices here, would exacerbate the problem. As no provision is made for additional parking space in any of the options.

With 1a. being quite ridiculous. Would drivers wend their way through the main part and down to the extension, knowing that they have to walk back to the pedestrian entrance? no, parking in the road would be the easier option.

With 1., the football pitch cannot be moved in a South or Westerly direction, as, with the present location players have to run up a gradient to take corner kicks or throw-ins.

With 2. This would establish a alleyway between the new block and the changing rooms. Ideal for ‘activities’ out of the public gaze. No thank you!

As I understand it, Willow Brook can provide accommodation at a lower cost than the present. It is central, convenient for residents, able to combine with a shopping visit, easy parking, and a non-disruptive move. And there would be no unknown financial liability imposed on future Councils.

As things stand, I and probably most other local residents would have no alternative but to vote for option 3.

So please rethink (no it’s not too late for common sense to prevail), modify the consultation document to include the Willow Brook option, and give the public real options.

Yours sincerely,

John Miller

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