Bradley Stoke traffic – what’s going on?

What’s going on with the traffic in Bradley Stoke? The last few days have been ridiculous!

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  1. This morning was a burst water main on the A38 so everyone was trying to go around it through Bradley Stoke, but clogging up the town instead.

    Luckily I got out just before the traffic got too bad and that was at 8:10am!!

  2. Burst water main at Filton.

    Personally I blame cyclists for being on the road, ignoring red lights, cycling in the dark without a helmet or lights and being untrained, unlicensed, untaxed, uninsured and smelly.

  3. Bit slow off the mark for Bristol Water there – I went past it as 7.10am … Water and ice everywhere so it must have been burst for a while.

  4. The water main was burst when when I drove past at 20.30 on Tues night and Bristol Water were in situ at that time.

    So no, Bristol Water weren’t slow off the mark at all.