How good is Virgin Media broadband in Bradley Stoke?

With The Journal’s ‘Cable my Street‘ campaign well underway, albeit playing second fiddle to the BT Race to Infinity competition until the end of the year, we’d like to hear exactly how good Virgin’s broadband service is in the town, for those that are lucky enough to live in a cabled street.

Take our speed test and let us know the download and upload speeds you are getting by leaving a comment on this story.

Go on, make the unfortunate souls in the Bradley Stoke broadband slow lane jealous!

Tell us also what you think of Virgin’s HD, V+ and “on demand” services.

All we ask in return is that you register a vote for your Virgin phone line in BT’s Race to Infinity competition. Email your landline number and postcode to so that we can check you’ve voted before approving your comment.

If we can get BT to install fibre optic broadband, Virgin customers also stand to benefit through having a choice of supplier.

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  1. Upload 14.5, download 650 when tested now (15:00).
    I regularly check the speeds, and get from 10-18 download.

    I use Virgin Media XL package.

    As for Virgin’s customer service, I’m not impressed. Call centre staff can barely be understood, and it took three phone calls and two on-site engineers a week to decide to change the modem.