Town Council objects to Willow Brook takeaway pizza plans

Domino's Pizza

Bradley Stoke Town Council’s (BSTC’s) Planning Committee has objected to plans to convert a garage in the car park of the Willow Brook Centre into a takeaway pizza shop.

The committee claims the takeaway would “affect the amenity of neighbouring properties” and that there is “already adequate provision of this type of business in the local area”.

Councillors have also questioned the statement, made by applicants Domino’s Pizza, that the garage is currently “unused”.

Objections to the scheme have also been lodged by residents of neighbouring properties in Dewfalls Drive and The Pasture, with one letter containing eleven signatories.

Residents’ concerns include the increased noise, smells and litter that they fear would be generated by the new business.

They also claim that the presence of a takeaway might lead to increased incidences of trespassing, with customers attempting to take a short cut by clambering over the fence that separates the shopping centre from Dewfalls Drive.

The public consultation on the planning application runs until Friday 7th January and South Gloucestershire Council (SGC) has set a target date of Monday 24th January for a decision.

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