[Forum] Is Tesco getting too pricey?

Posted on Thursday 13th January 2011 at 1:02 pm by Steve (Forum)

I have decided to shop elsewhere (Aldi) as I feel that Tesco’s are taking us for mugs with their increasing prices. Even their “Sale” prices have been increased before the sale price has been added. I have heard from numerous other people who are now beginning to shop at Aldi and it is quite easy to save £30 on a weekly shop. Just wondering what other people thought!

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No Responses to “[Forum] Is Tesco getting too pricey?”

  1. JS Says:

    Yep we changed from Tesco to Aldi about 6 months ago and we save around £25 a week on our shop. To be fair, Aldi food is in some cases better than Tescos…

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