A38 disruption set to continue until end of January

Posted on Saturday 15th January 2011 at 12:16 pm by SH (Editor)

A38 Gloucester Road bus lane roadworks

Roadworks to to install a new northbound bus lane on the A38 Gloucester Road in the vicinity of the Aztec West Roundabout are likely to continue until the end of January, according to South Gloucestershire Council (SGC).

The works, which have involved frequent lane closes on the busy route, began in early April 2010.

The completion date was originally given as the end of October but a number of  “engineering issues” saw that date slip to the end of November.

With the works still ongoing six weeks after the revised deadline, The Journal has been given the following statement from SGC:

“Our contractors working on the roadworks at the Aztec West roundabout have experienced significant delays due to the adverse weather conditions. This started with the continuous heavy rain in November followed by the very cold spell in December, which prevented certain works from being carried out. The bus lane is currently scheduled to open in late January, weather permitting.”

The new bus lane is part of the Greater Bristol Bus Network (GBBN) project, a £70 million scheme to improve bus services on ten key routes throughout the region.

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2 Responses to “A38 disruption set to continue until end of January”

  1. Bert Says:

    Hold on….we’ve had three weeks of noticeably bad weather since November. How has that added two months onto the already delayed schedule?

    Also, I don’t understand why the contractors *still* have a load of clutter half way across the outside lane of the roundabout – all the vehicles going from Bradley Stoke to Aztec West have to veer out into the next lane to get through. It’s been there months (even after the traffic lights were put back in place) and is a serious safety hazard.

    Was this really worth the money it must have cost to pay a team of contractors for 9 whole months? I dread to think what the cost overrun must be, especially at a time when local authorities are facing a 25% cut in budgets.

  2. Bert Says:

    Heh…I noticed that as of lunchtime today, the clutter has vanished! I think BSJ may well count some of the contractors amongst its readership! 😉

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