£58k extra funding for Bradley Stoke youth work

Brook Way Youth Club, Bradley Stoke

South Gloucestershire Council’s (SGC’s) ruling Cabinet has voted to put an extra £58k into youth provision in Bradley Stoke following lobbying by local Councillors, who claimed that the town was getting a poor deal compared to others in the district.

The decision, which must be ratified by Full Council on 23rd February, came after extra money became available because of the lower than expected cost of the Council’s recently introduced Youth Unltd concessionary transport scheme.

True to form, Monday’s Cabinet meeting was followed within hours by press releases from both the Conservatives and Liberal Democrats, each claiming credit for the “youth funding boost”.

The Liberal Democrats’ Jon Williams is quoted as saying:

“Bradley Stoke is one of the lowest funded areas of South Gloucestershire for youth work, despite having the highest number of young people, so I am delighted that my persistence has paid off.”

Conservative Rob Jones had a rather different view, commenting:

“Where the LibDems failed, we have succeeded – but it’s the town’s young people who are the real winners from this announcement.”

Cllr Williams’ exclusion from talks on youth funding between Bradley Stoke Town Council (BSTC) and SGC last year led to him branding Conservative Mayor Ben Walker “dictatorial”.

Minutes of a BSTC Full Council meeting held in private on 6th October last year suggest that Cllr Williams attempted to disrupt the talks at SGC by arranging his own meeting with the Director of Children & Young People at the same time as the Mayor’s meeting.

Asked yesterday whether the whole of the extra £58k from SGC would be spent on additional youth work provision, as opposed to being used to reduce the Town Council’s contribution, a BSTC spokesperson declined to comment.

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  1. This is great news! Its about time South Gloucestershire fronted more cash instead of relying on the Town Council all the time. It does seem a little strange that Councillor Williams is claiming credit for it? Even in the artical it says he was excluded from a meeting about the funding?? Looks like someone is poaching credit. Im not a conservative or even voted for them in the past but, locally you cant argue with the stats, low council tax increases, better plans and more services. I remember the dark days of the Liberals in Bradley Stoke, and they still run the surgery (another story)!! Wake up and smell the coffee Mr Williams, have you no shame? Your conduct continues to shame our town.

  2. Unfortunately Dave Allan you are so wrong. I don’t want to sound like I’m whining on, but this sounds like a good story is getting in the way of the facts.

    What you refer to are Town Council meetings where the current Conservative administration are hell bent on preventing anyone else from coming up with anything that might benefit the town. Excluding me from a meeting about young people in now history, they have set up a new committee in October 2010 to which I cannot attend as I’m not a “Chair of a committee”. This new committee was to discuss youth development with South Gloucestershire Council, but 4 months on it hasn’t met yet.

    This new money comes from South Gloucestershire Council (SGC) where councillors of all parties can take part in meetings. The reason I’m claiming credit for this new money is that I’m the one who raised the issue of under funding of the youth service over 4 years ago when there was a Youth Service Review. Unfortunately, the recommendations of the review were never implemented in full by the Conservative administration and I have been looking for ways to get increased funding ever since.

    Back in the summer a report was presented to the Children & Young Peoples (CYP) Select Committee of which I am a member, on the Youth Concessionary Travel Scheme. It stated that take up of the bus passes was slow and the budget was under spent. I asked The Director and Executive Member of CYP to investigate the possibility of using the underspend (£963,000) to benefit young people in other ways. They agreed to look at it. Since that meeting I have asked for progress reports at each subsequent meeting and each time I have been told that it is still being discussed.

    At the last meeting of CYP on 19.01.11, the news was different and I was told that a report was going to Cabinet on 31.01.11 with a view to allocating some of the underspend.

    I attended the meeting last Monday and spoke in support of the extra funding and expressing my delight in seeing Bradley Stoke eventually getting a fair deal on youth funding and that the underspend on the Youth Concessionary Travel Scheme was being put to good use. No other Bradley Stoke councillor was there.

    The Press release from the Conservatives is full of lies, particularly where it claims that ” Cllr Brain Hopkinson ”initiated the joint working between the district and town council”. SGC and the town council have been working together since 1995 on youth work provision in Bradley Stoke and there are plenty of records to prove that.

    Unfortunately, with all this political nonsense we are likely to miss the important news here and that’s the extra £58,000 that will benefit young people in the town.

    As regards the “record” of this Conservative Town Council, whilst they may have set low Council tax rises (which have been supported by the Lib Dems), they have closed 2 youth clubs, a bowls club, kicked out community groups from Brook Way Community Centre and failed to operate the council on an inclusive and fair basis; not a record I would be proud of.

    If you or anyone else wants a list of the Lib Dem achievements from 1992 – 2007 (and there are many of them including the provision of the swimming pool, the Jubilee Green and the secondary school) I’m happy to supply them.


    Jon Williams

  3. Mr Williams, you are whining! Let me cut to the chase. I have always voted Labour and have been a active union member and should rate you more than the Tories, however, your conduct is utterly disgusting. although it pains me to say it, the Conservatives have done a good job locally and by the looks of things, did secure the youth funding. Your press release is laughable, talk about the self appreciation club. I dont see any other councillors claiming credit in the way you have. Its painful to watch! Lets hope that your 80’s approach to local politics is exposed in the”Big Society” (joke program), where the voter makes change with thier cross on the voting slip!

    I have looked closely at your movements within this site alone and can see nothing which is a positive for this town. you conduct yourself like a hired gun. Are you a closet old school Tory? same politics on offer.

    As for Youth Work, Im glad the kids have a place to meet at long last which is now getting some decent money. By the looks of things, Brian Hopkinson has alot to be thanked for. (Are you sure your a Tory Brian?)

    Why only 4 years Mr Williams, you have been doing this a lot longer than that? That quote doesnt make it better for you and the poor governance of the Town prior to that. Dont try and distance yourself from that.

    I hope you dont keep up the bad work much longer.

  4. Well this site has certainly become a hotbed of apolitical mutual appreciation. Long may the love-in continue.
    What is wrong with just rejoicing in the fact that Bradley Stoke has been promised an extra £58k of funding for youth projects this year rather than making attacks or trying to claim personal credit (after all, its undoubtedly a hike in our own tax money that’s paying for it, not councillor’s private pay!). Party politics shouldn’t even come into local administration anyway.

  5. Dave Allen
    Lets hope the rest of the electorate haven’t been fooled by Tory posturing in the same way you have. It may be “crowing”, but my record of action and achievement speaks for itself.
    Jon Williams

  6. Mr Williams, your right, your record does speak for itself………poach, poach, poach! (oh, and jump in that photo).

    I have not been fooled by the Tories, locally or nationally, but locally they are delivering as would a labour group, parties with some substance or direction, unlike yours! Your party is built on dreams with representatives with their heads in the clouds. Does that ring any bells?

    Your record fails to mention your abandonment of this Town after really poor running, prior to the last election.

    There has to be a rock in Stoke Gifford with your name on it to crawl back under.

    Roll on the good youth work being done at present and thanks to the council for supporting it, although I still can’t vote Tory.

  7. Wow. Dave has got a problem with Mr Williams doesn’t he.
    I not here to defend the bloke, but your language is a bit strong and you’re not producing any evidence to back up your slanderous remarks!

    I been here for almost 8 years, under both Lib Dem and Tory rule and they’ve both have their good and bad points.

    As far as Cllr Williams is concerned I think there is evidence that he has been doing some good work in the town for quite a long time. I remember seeing his named linked with the Southern Brooks Team and they do a great job.

    Hey Ho

  8. I agree with you R Brunt, Dave certainly has a problem with Cllr Williams. Personally I hate these sort of people, who use Journal to settle their personal scores with Coucillors.

    If Dave knows about so many bad things that Cllr Williams has done, why doesn’t he stand for elctions against him and oust him in a democratic manner.

    Dave please do some actions to match your words.

  9. Dear Editor,

    Though I respect Freedom of Speech, but remarks from Dave Allan should be banned as they are too personal and doesn’t have any evidence to back them up.



  10. Dear Editor,

    I have never commented on here before, but reading these comments I thought a positive take on this would be a good thing.

    The News of this extra £58k into Bradley Stoke is warmly welcomed, any funds into youth work can only be positive effect in our community. I last year set up one such non profit making youth group, `South West Winterguard Academy’ based in Bradley Stoke. It was not easy to set up a new group but I cant thank both Councillors Jon Wiilaims and Brian Freeguard for their support for our group and other organisations which do so much including Southern Brooks and CVS South Gloucestershire, local schools and sports and social groups without whom we would not exist.

    I agree with the above comments and personal views directed at someone should not be able to be shown on here. We need to be careful as those young people we are supporting look to us to set an example.

    Now we need to show these young people where we are going to spend this extra money and go forward which means working together as a community to support our young people today to become caring and respectful adults.

    Best regards


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