Manor Farm Crescent pedestrian access point set to be locked overnight

Manor Farm Crescent access point

Bradley Stoke’s Willow Brook Centre (WBC) has submitted a planning application to install a lockable gate on the pedestrian access route from Manor Farm Crescent in an effort to stem late night anti-social behaviour (ASB) in neighbouring streets.

The move comes seven months after Bradley Stoke Mayor Ben Walker called a multi-agency meeting to discuss ways of tackling the rise in ASB that began when the new town centre was opened in 2008.

There was an approximate delay of eight weeks in the planning application being submitted due to uncertainty with the process and what could best be described as good-willed political interference. But the submission appeared on the South Gloucestershire Council (SGC) website last week and following the consultation period, which will last until Tuesday 8th March, SGC is expected to make a decision by the beginning of April.

A survey of the views of local residents was conducted at the end of last year and produced interesting results. Cllr Jon Williams (Lib Dem) has reported that out of 120 survey forms issued, there were only 22 returns but all of those that did respond indicated that they wanted action of some form to be taken.

There are currently no plans to restrict movement at the other WBC pedestrian access point that leads towards Dewfalls Drive, with Cllr Brian Hopkinson (Conservative) saying:

“To do so will be far more difficult as it is a Public Right of Way and planners have indicated that they will not support it.”

The planning application states that the gate will be locked from 8pm to 7am and it is understood that it will be locked and unlocked manually by WBC guard staff.

Centre Manager Scott Lahive told The Journal:

“The application was always going to be for just one gate.  We were concerned that the problem could move,  however the local residents and Councillors dismissed this idea.”

“In honesty, we are not very keen to gate any of the entrances and have reacted to local feeling as opposed to our own judgment.  We are merely carrying out the work local people are asking for.”

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  1. The comment about 100% support must be a mistake, I received a survey and returned it indicating I didn’t support any closure.

    Yesterday I walked what will become my alternative route. The footpath took me past 6 houses and 3 blocks of flats. I’m not sure all these residents will want the increased the footfall right outside their homes in the evening.

  2. I have a friend in this road who has really been affected by Yobs damaging her property on a number of occasions which has left her with bills and a boat load of stress. It was never a problem before Tesco opened up these through ways.

    Yet again, without harping on about the same old stuff, coulp I direct people to the South Gloucestershire web site, where you can see Mr Williiams isnt even a councillor for this area. From what I understand, Bradley Stoke Council called a meeting and the actions from that meeting were picked up by South Glocestershire and the ward councillors? I also understand that Mr Williams’s unwelcomed involvement also confussed the process set by that meeting and planning application that Tesco’s then made, slowing up the whole thing?

    When i recently ranted about Mr Williams it was for this point exactly. What are you doing, concentrate on your area and stop messing things up so you get a mention and a photo. Get real and stop treating people like they are stupid.

  3. These problems were happening via the access of Bradley Stoke Way into Wheatfield Drive before the new Town Centre was built….car windscreens shot at with air rifles, yobs sat drinking on the green, we even watched them one night walk to i presume tesco about midnight and come back with a crate of lagers, shouting, running in front of the tesco lorries on bradley stoke way playing chicken, smashing windows….nobody including the police was interested then.
    To be honest you can close as many walk ways as you like but it does not tackle the real problem it just moves it from one site to another, ie close this and they will use the other access points, so other residents will now need to live in fear and not be taken notice of by the police & council.

  4. I’m surprised again by the lies written and the agression shown towards me by Dave Allen. I’m starting to get the impression that this is not a real person and someone playing political games. If Dave is a real person I would like to meet with him and explain my reasons for getting involved with him. My email address and telephone number are on the South Glos web site.
    Cllr Jon Williams

  5. Can’t help but feel that closing the walkway isn’t going to solve the problem, just move it.

    Can’t they light it better? Put some CCTV there?

    Surely that’s better than taking such drastic steps?

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