Council axes funding for speed cameras

BBC Bristol reports that South Gloucestershire Council has confirmed that it will cease funding for speed cameras in the district from April.

The Council currently contributes £144,842 funding to the West of England Road Safety Partnership, which in turn funds Safecam, the body that operates road safety cameras on its behalf.

A Council spokesman is quoted as saying:

“The council is committed to road safety and the cameras are just one element of a wider strategy.”

“Education, training and road engineering all contribute to making South Gloucestershire’s roads amongst the safest in the country.”

Read more: Speed cameras in South Gloucestershire could be axed (BBC)

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  1. I assume that they will just set up some mobile cameras to replace the two fixed cameras on the A38 near Aztec Roundabout….?!? Will safety improve, I’m not sure….will they catch more people doing 46 in a 40? Probably!