Fuel leak closes Tesco petrol filling station

Fuel leak at Tesco Bradley Stoke

The petrol filling station at Tesco Bradley Stoke has been closed since early this afternoon (Friday) following a leakage of fuel.

Two fire engines attended the scene and the whole forecourt was closed off as a precautionary measure.

A spokesperson for Avon Fire & Rescue told The Journal that residual fuel from one of the pumps had leaked onto the forecourt.

The incident was dealt with by Tesco staff using on-site sand supplies with the fire service appliances standing by as a precaution.

No fuel left the site and no environmental damaged was caused, according to the fire service spokesperson.

The station was still closed at 6:30pm as staff from waste solutions specialists Cleansing Service Group cleaned up the site.

A customer services representative at Tesco Bradley Stoke said the duty manager was unable to provide a comment.

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  1. Speaking of Tesco’s filling station… why is it that no matter what time you go there, loads of pumps have the unleaded out of order?

    It’s a real pain when you’ve joined a queue for a pump… and when you get there you have to then requeue because they’ve slapped a hard to see sign on the nozzle you wanted.

    Also, while I’m in bitch mode, there are 2 tills inside the kiosk… and sometimes 3 staff members, but quite often 2 are faffing about doing gawd knows what, and only one is serving. Grrr.

  2. To join in gyre’s bitching, why, when it’s busy, do people queue right back when there are empty pumps available, seemingly just because patrons prefer to use one particular side?? There are even signs there saying “Use both sides”! I wouldn’t mind, but the positions they wait in often preclude one from simply driving upto the unused pumps.

    Are people actually afraid to use pumps on the opposite side to their filler cap?

  3. In reply to Bert. I only ever fill up on the side my fuel cap is. I won’t stretch the hose around my car as I really don’t want to (no one I know does). I however, only fill up with fuel when it isn’t busy.

    However, I do agree that you tend to get idiots who only like to use pumps on the far right and end up blocking the entrance. I always drive to the far left.

    In response to Gyre; yes it can be annoying queueing up to pay for fuel if only one till is open for some reason. If you can’t be bothered to queue up or you don’t want to buy anything inside just use the “pay@pump” it’s much quicker.

  4. @Mike, I usually have a nice 5p off/litre coupon I want to use. Otherwise, yes, I’ll pay at the pump.

    If there was coupon scanning ability at the pump, then that would help.

  5. The most irritating thing about this petrol station has to be the lazy attitude towards opening all pumps before 7am in the morning: regardless of the Queue up the road, half the pumps remain switched off until a supervisor bothers to move the cones!

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