Council wants to know what you think of its rubbish services

South Gloucestershire Council is asking residents to complete a satisfaction survey on the  rubbish and recycling services it provides through contracting firm SITA.

For the first time, residents are this year able to complete this survey online, in the hope that more residents will take part and reduce the environmental impact of the survey.

Working in partnership with South Gloucestershire Council, SITA will analyse the findings from the survey and use the results to monitor and improve services.

Everyone completitng the survey will be in with a chance to win a £50 garden centre or meal voucher in a free prize draw.

The online survey runs until Thursday 14th April.

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  1. I am disgusted with the service. I have put newspapers in the crate, and they have not been collected. I have put food waste (veg peelings etc) in newspaper in the food bin, and it has not been collected.
    Putting cardboard out without a carrier just means it flies around the road. I understand you are introducing bags in the summer but bags look messy. Contents fly out of bags – on rubbish days now I see either plastic or cardboard flying around the streets plus empty carrier bags. CAN’T THE REFUSE MEN PICK UP FLOATING BITS OR IS THAT TO MUCH?
    You need to introduce a bin with four drawers in one.
    Flats that have umpteen green and black bins outside look an absolute site. FLATS DO NOT NEED GREEN BINS NOW – IF THEY HAVE A GARDEN, THEY HAVE A MAINTENANCE COMPANY THAT CUTS THE GRASS AND PLANTS AND REMOVES RUBBISH. The streets with 2 bed houses and flats look a disgrace because there is nowhere for them to put the plastic bag, newspaper bag, food bin, crate, green bin, black bin, compost bin. If you were to line all of these items up they would be longer than the width of the house. Recylcing has come about without any real consideration to practicality. It could be alot better.

  2. SOUTH GLOUCESTER COUNCIL AND ESPECIALLY SORT IT! – let us opt out of your paper mail circulars (can we already, and if so, how?). It’s all on the web if we need it so your paper mail is wasteful, costly and damaging to our planet.

    A bouquet to SITA for not messing up the street too much when they empty bins – at least where I live.
    A brickbat to SITA for complicating recyclable collection by having too many bins.
    Rubbish left to moulder in a soggy mess is always wrong, so cardboard in with the clippings as before please.
    I don’t care about paper news media or advertising because they are obsolete and I have stopped them all where humanly possible apart from the free local rag whose publishers appear deaf to my entreaties to stop shoving their wood pulp through my letterbox.