Willow Brook car wash to open next week

Waves Hand Car Wash

The Willow Brook Centre has announced the opening of a new car wash service to be launched on Friday 25th March 2011.

Waves Car Wash Limited provides hand car wash and valeting services, offering “a premium service at reasonable rates”.

Shoppers will be offered a range of options spanning a basic outside-only wash to a full valeting service, with prices starting from £6.

Waves is a privately owned company operating in over 30 sites in the UK and the new operation in Bradley Stoke will create at least five new jobs.

The Waves Hand Car Wash Centre will be located in Zone C of the Willow Brook Centre car park, close to the pedestrian entrance off Bradley Stoke Way.

The Mayor of Bradley Stoke, Ben Walker, will attend the launch at 10:30am and celebrate the opening by having his car cleaned by the Waves valeting team.

Willow Brook Centre Manager Scott Lahive said:

“Waves is an extremely professional operation and will be a great addition to the centre.  This service will be perfect for our visitors when they are here to do some shopping, or having a bite to eat.  The 1,000 plus people employed at the centre will also benefit from a car wash on their doorstep.”

Joanna Graham, Director of Waves Car Wash Limited added:

“We are very excited to be opening at the Willow Brook Centre.  We will be using an innovative water recycling unit designed to ensure that the service uses as little water as possible, which we have found is an increasingly important concern to our customers.”

“We have recruited a very experienced owner-operator who will provide customers with very high-quality car washing and excellent customer service.”

The facility will be run from a steel cabin and will occupy nine of the existing parking slots.

Waves car wash facility under construction

Photo: Plenty of work stiill to do at the site of the new Waves hand car wash facility in the car park of Bradley Stoke’s Willow Brook Centre.

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  1. I have to say, having the Mayor have his car washed at the opening of a private company’s new investment opportunity seems a little mis-matched with public duty and the type of things the council should be supporting!

  2. Come on Dan.

    All councillors welcome new businesses to their area whether they be private or public.

    Mayor Ben Walker is totally right to publicise this new venture . The fact that he is getting his car washed is hardly a Watergate scandle ! (Have you seen his car – not exactly a limo !!! )

    Cllr John Ashe.

  3. Hi John,

    Welcoming new businesses is a good initiative but if I would have been in Ben’s place, I’d have paid for it.
    Again this is my personal opinion and it doesn’t imply Ben is doing a wrong thing.


  4. Dear All, I was unware my car was even required for this opening, so I’m not sure where that has come from?

    I fully support the opening of new businesses at this time and especially when the openings are in Bradley Stoke, offering services and employment to the area and residents.

    If my car is required then I am more than happy to have it cleaned and donate the price of the wash to my chosen charity, St Peters Hospice, via my Gift Aid page on the Town Councils Web Site.

    I may even ride my bike yet if the weather is nice!

  5. Quote from Willow Brook Centre press release dated 14th March: “The Mayor of Bradley Stoke, Ben Walker, will be driving over to attend the launch at 10.30am and celebrate the opening by getting the Mayor’s car cleaned by the Waves valeting team.”

  6. Brilliant that the mayor didn’t even know about the details himself. As for prices starting at £6? I think most would be happier to pay their kids £5, or there’s a solid car wash up at Asda for about £3.

  7. Here’s a picture of Mayor Ben Walker at the official opening last Friday.

    Mayor opens the new Waves hand car wash in Bradley Stoke

    Photo: Mayor Ben Walker with Waves Manager Kushi Hoxha.

    Looks like the Town Council’s three wheel maintenance vehicle substituted for the “Mayor’s car”!

    This and more photos here on PicasaWeb.

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