[Forum] Four-year-olds raise funds for Red Nose Day

Megan & Grace raising funds for Red Nose Day

Megan & Grace Elder are 4-year-olds doing a six mile bike ride in three stages by riding to and from their nursery (Leapfrog in Bradley Stoke).

They have completed the first two miles and Thursday and Friday they will complete the final stages of their task.

This is all in aid of Red Nose Day 2011, so any help for these young fundraisers would be greatly received.

More info: Megan & Grace’s Red Nose Day Giving Page

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  1. Megan & Grace Elder were born 7 weeks early needed special care so as a family we understand the importance of support and care in order to survive and help close ones in these hard times! The girls are now 4 years old and are wanting to help others that also need help and support, which in turn will help them to survive or make life little more easier for them and those around them.

  2. Hi, its great to see 2 wonderful little girls taking part to raise money for a fantastic cause.
    6 miles is a long a way for 2 small people, but they will do it, as I know they have a very strong friends and family support, and a fantastic mum. (well done Naomi for bringing them up to look out and help others) i have faith in them.
    Finally good Luck Megan and Grace.