[Forum] Let’s see more locals on the Town Council!

In a few weeks time it’ll be elections again. And I would like to appeal to voters in Bradley Stoke, in regard to the Town Council elections.

It may not be common knowledge (and is not always apparent at voting time) that the composition of the present Town Council is 7 residents of Bradley Stoke and 8 non-residents.

Which is a highly unusual situation. All of the five adjacent town/parish councils consist solely of residents of their own town/parish. And this is surely as it should be.

It is my belief that the local council should comprise of local people, that is to say, those who experience day-to-day life in the town. Whereas the majority of Bradley Stoke council members simply come for meetings or photo opportunities, and then return to life in their own home parish.

To give an instance of this non-residence domination, recently a vote was taken on a controversial proposal to build an extension to the Jubilee Centre in order to house the Town Council administrative staff.

The voting was 6 for, and 4 against. Of the residents voting, it was 2 for, and 3 against. Furthermore, a consultation had been carried out, and the responses listed showed 13 for the proposal, and 42 in favour of continuing to rent. This was almost completely ignored by the Councillors before voting.

Another instance of the situation, is that in each of the last two years a non-resident has worn the Mayoral chain.

Please, please, please voters make your first consideration RESIDENCE of the candidates. Not their political persuasion. I wish all candidates were independent, but that is unlikely.

Ensure that Bradley Stoke is managed by Bradley Stoke people, not visitors.

Yours sincerely,

John Miller, The Beeches, Bradley Stoke

Ed: Interested in standing for the Town Council? Read this: Standing for Election (candidates). The deadline for nominations is 12 noon on Monday 4th April 2011. More info: 2011 District and Town Elections (The Journal)

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