BSCS students warned not to walk home alone

Students at Bradley Stoke Community School were today warned not to walk home alone after a “suspicious looking man” was reported to have approached two female students yesterday.

The following ‘safety notice‘ was given to students today:

“We have been made aware that there has been a suspicious looking male (late teens/early 20s) loitering around the area who approached two female students yesterday.”

“Until we have been informed by the police that this man has been spoken to, we would ask that students do not walk home alone.”

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  1. Just a heads-up… some 40-something guy wearing a shirt/tie and sunglasses and driving a silver BMW slowly followed my daughter down Marjoram Place and then Juniper Way yesterday after school. Upon seeing her go into a house with a car parked in the drive, he rapidly reversed and vanished.

    The two unusual things here are the slow speed he was following her at, and the fact he reversed rapidly. Folks coming down my stretch of Juniper Way never usually reverse. They turn around at the end and drive out normally.