AV Referendum: ‘No’ camp shouts the loudest in Bradley Stoke

NO to AV campaigners in Bradley Stoke

Supporters of the NO to AV campaign have been shouting the loudest in Bradley Stoke in an effort see off the possible introduction of the Alternative Vote method for selecting Westminster MPs.

Local MP Jack Lopresti and Conservative activists manned a stall in the Willow Brook Centre on Saturday 16th April, where they distributed leaflets describing AV as a “Lib Dem fix”.

Speaking to The Journal, Mr Lopresti described himself as a passionate supporter of the current first past the post system, saying it is “clear, unambiguous and fair”, adding:

“AV will lead to more coalitions and give the Lib Dems a disproportionate say over who runs the country.”

Asked for the view of local Yes campaigners, Bradley Stoke Councillor Jon Williams (Lib Dem) told The Journal:

“The Lib Dems have made their case quite clearly and without resorting to untruths and personal attacks.”

“A Yes vote will provide Britain with a fairer voting system and one that will make representatives work for the whole community, not just a chosen few. Although not PR, it is a step in the right direction.”

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  1. Whilst I am not a 100% fan of AV, the first past the post system does not work well where more that two parties contest a seat.

    A NO vote will stop the issue being progressed for another 50+ years, so for these reason, I will vote for AV, with the hope of a better system in due course.

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