Election Week: More Town Council candidates this year

Bradley Stoke local and dsitrict elections 2011

With 29 candidates contesting 15 seats, this week’s Town Council election could potentially throw up a few changes on the local political scene.

The Conservatives have the greatest number of candidates (15, the same as in 2007) and are the only party with the potential to make a clean sweep.

The Labour Party, not currently represented on the Town Council, puts up a surprising eight candidates (six more than in 2007), while the Liberal Democrats have six candidates (twice as many as in 2007).

The Conservatives had an easy ride in 2007, winning seven seats in uncontested wards. This year all seven wards are being contested so they may find it harder, although they are certain to win at least three seats because the other parties combined field fewer candidates than seats in two of the wards (Woodlands and Lakeside).

Of the twelve current Conservative Councillors, five are not seeking re-election, so a majority of their candidates this time round are ‘new faces’.

The Liberal Democrats are losing one of their two current Councillors, so five of their candidates are newbies, although Meadowbank candidate Sachin Singhal contested a by-election for them in 2009.

As previously reported, four ex-Mayors are amonst the seven Town Councillors choosing not to seek re-election for another four-year term.

A majority (eight) of the current Town Councillors reside outside of Bradley Stoke and the Liberal Democrats have for some years now been arguing for more local representation. It is therefore no surprise to find that all six of their candidates live in Bradley Stoke.

Four of the 15 Conservative candidates are out-of-towners, while the Labour Party tops that with five from eight living outside the parish boundary.

Lists of all the Town Council candidates can be found on our Election 2011 information page. Consult our interactive map to find out which ward you live in.

Polling stations are open from 7am to 10pm on Thursday (5th May).

Also taking place on Thursday are the South Gloucestershire Council elections and the Referendum on AV.

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