Lopresti willing to attend Gay Pride event says new Town Councillor

Cllr Keir Gravil (Conservative), Bradley Stoke

A newly-elected Bradley Stoke Town Councillor who is a member of the Conservative Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual & Transexual group LGBTory says local MP Jack Lopresti offered to attend the upcoming Pride Bristol event in order to demonstrate that he didn’t consider the young candidate’s sexual orientation an issue.

Writing on the LGBTory blog, Cllr Keir Gravil, who was elected to represent the Primrose Bridge ward, said:

“Being a part of the LGBT community hasn’t affected my experience at all; as long as you listen to people’s concerns and help address them, then the overwhelming majority don’t see it as an issue.”

“I have felt perfectly at home within the Conservative Party at all levels, and feel that the dynamism and optimism shown within its leaders and activists proves that it is indeed progressing onwards and upwards.”

In the article, entitled “The story of a newly-elected councillor“, Cllr Gravil describes his  fellow Conservatives in Bradley Stoke as “a great group of friends and a close-knit team”.

Bristol Pride Day takes place on Saturday 16th July 2011 in Castle Park.

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  1. Cllr Keir Gravil said “progressing onwards and upwards” for gay’s in South Gloucestershire!

    Well Cllr Keir Gravil, South Gloucestershire’s LGB Forum needs a new “Chair” http://www.sglgbf.org.uk/meeting.htm

    I’ll come back to the meetings if ‘you’ do take the “Chair!”


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