Appeal for information after racially aggravated assault

Police Car

Police are appealing for information following an incident of racially aggravated assault in Bradley Stoke on Saturday 11th June.

At around 9:15pm a man and his girlfriend were walking in the fields adjacent to the Jubilee Centre (where the Community Festival had been held earlier in the day) when they were approached by two men who had verbally abused the woman previously.

The men approached the dual heritage couple and one of them threatened and assaulted the man striking him to the head with a rock. The couple ran away.

Police would like to speak to the man who is described as white, around 20-years-old and of medium build. He had short dark brown hair, brown eyes and yellow teeth that looked chipped. He was wearing a black zipped hooded top which had a red draw string.

The assailant was using a dark-coloured mountain bike, which had a white saddle.

Shortly after, the couple along with family members made their way back to the centre to see if they could identify the offender. As they approached Merryweather Close, a group of around 20-30 people surrounded them.

The offender returned and this time carried out an assault on another member of the group and also threw a bicycle at him. He required hospital treatment.

Police believe the bike was also used to damage a car in Merryweather Close.

Police would now like to speak to anyone who may be able to identify the man described above or who may have witnessed this incident.

Anyone who may have information is asked to call the Hate Crime Unit at Staple Hill police station on 0845 456 7000. Alternatively, call Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.

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  1. “Shortly after, the couple along with family members made their way back to the centre to see if they could identify the offender.”

    Presumably with the police in tow?

    Whilst this is an horrendous thing to have happened in BS, my cynicism sensors triggered when I read this bit. How did they expect their “family members” to help with a positive identification and what were they expecting to do if they *had* identified the assailant?

    Maybe I’ve read it the wrong way?

  2. You are quite right Bert, thats how I read it too !!. My guess is they went back with “the family” to get there revenge not expecting to bump into 20 to 30 of them ! .Does amke you think how innocent they were in the first place maybe? or just us reading between the lines?. I would have gone back if it had happened to me…. but with the police not the family !….I might be wrong but probably not .

  3. That is exactly what happened, the 2 people started it in the first place, not expecting retaliation then they went back and their family members came to the street to start a fight, then reported it? It doesnt make sence.

  4. Dear Editor,

    can we have an option of likeing some of the comments just like facebook. some of the comments are very appealing specially anon-e-mouse’s. i think we should have thumbs up & down option like some other site.



  5. Why stick with dual heritage -why not triple or quadruple? Some of us could claim to be multi heritage! All this PC rubbish makes most people turn off.It does nothing to promote good relationships.Seem also a description can be PC one day and next day it isnt! Watch out the Word Police are about!

  6. I don’t see the issue, sid. Using the phrase “dual-heritage” doesn’t preclude you from using equivalent phrases such as mixed-race. It’s not political correctness, just personal preference.
    Though I am told that “half-caste” is no longer acceptable because caste infers social hierarchy!

  7. So it’s a bit more than if your mum is from Lockleaze and your dad from Southmead then?

    Oh, and thanks Bakri!

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