Owner expresses concern over number of cats going missing

A Bradley Stoke resident has expressed concern over the “excessive” number of tagged and microchipped cats that appear to be going missing in the Bradley Stoke and Stoke Gifford areas.

The resident, whose current pet ‘Tifa’ went missing last week, said:

“There are always missing posters in and around the area (in the last two months one in Juniper Way, another around the corner in Palmers Leaze and now Tifa) and a Google search reveals a large number of missing cats (many of whom are also chipped and tagged). It seems to me that cats shouldn’t simply vanish without a trace, especially when they are clearly chipped and tagged.”

Tifa: Missing from Palmers Leaze

Tifa - cat missing from Palmers Leaze, Bradley Stoke

Tifa is a 2-year-old female cat. She is mainly black with white paws, a white belly and white markings on her face. She has very distinctive long white whiskers and eyebrows and green eyes.

She is very vocal and has a distinctive mew.

She is microchipped, wearing a pink collar with a pink tag containing our details.

Tifa went missing from Palmers Leaze, Bradley Stoke on Friday 17th June and has been known to find herself dry warm places to hide! Could anyone in the area please check sheds, garages, gardens etc?

If anyone does spot her, call 07878 608018 or 07779 069966.

Tifa is much missed and weโ€™d be extremely grateful for her safe return. Many thanks!

The Journal has also received details of a second cat that went missing this month, this time from Ormonds Close …

Charlie: Missing from Ormonds Close

Charlie - cat missing from Ormonds Close, Bradley Stoke

Charlie is 11 months old and has been missing since 8th June.

He is important because he belongs to my one-year-old daughter, they have grown up together and she is missing him desperately.

He sits on the bath panel with her whilst she takes a bath and snuggles up next to her when she is poorly, we are lost without him.

He is a petite ginger cat, 11 months old, last seen wearing a red collar.

He is microchipped.

Anyone with information about Charlie’s whereabouts is asked to contact The Journal.

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  1. I’m saddened by the number of cats going missing, I have 3 cats, all of which are microchipped and would be devastasted if they went missing. I hope all missing cats are found safe very soon.

  2. My cat is missing from bradley stoke, it’s been 3 weeks and nothing. I know everyone says the same but he really isn’t the type of cat to stray, he’s not very street wise and loves being indoors – usually i have to encourage him to go out. I have spoken to a few people whilst out looking for Charlie, and one lady told me that her cat came home dragging it’s back legs and had been kicked by a stranger – the cat had to have it’s leg removed. Where are all the cats going!? i’ve put numerous flyers through letter boxes and posters everywhere and not received a single call – surely he didn’t just vanish. He is microchipped. I eagerly await news.

  3. Our 5 year old much loved family Cat Esme, has just disappeared without a trace from the Pursey Drive area she too is a very homely cat and has never strayed too far before. We are extremely worried and have already put up posters and leaflet dropped 40 of of our immediate neighbours, does anybody think there is something sinister going on here? I definitely hope not.

  4. I live in stoke gifford and reading this has made me feel very concerned. One of my cats went missing for a week and was found in someones garden in a state. Her pelvis was broke in 3 places and her hip was broke. The result of this caused nerve damage and 1 of her back legs had to be removed. November 2010 another 1 of my cats went missing and is still missing. I have no idea what happened and I have been sad ever since. A family in stoke gifford have had their cats shot with an air rifle 4 times now. The person still hasnt been caught. Something needs to be done about it now. Something definately isnt right. I get so worried when my other 2 cats go outside these days. I reported to the RSPCA a couple of times my concern of the large number of cats going missing but I dont think theres much they can do.

  5. A black and white male cat has turned up at our house today and is trying to adopt us. We live on Stanley Mead, off Ormonds close.

    We think he is about 4 months old but could be older/younger. We would like to find out who owns this cat asap. Our cat isnt’ too happy to have another cat around. ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. I am pretty sure I saw this same young cat near Ellicks close a few weeks ago being a bit too friendly. He seems in good health.

  7. I’ve got a cat that’s always crapping on my lawn, terrorising my guinea pigs or just ripping bones out of the bin bags.

    It’s a light sooty colour… at the moment. I’m just filling up my super soaker 2000 ๐Ÿ™‚

  8. I live at my girlfriends over at Hope by Wrexham , she has just had her third cat go missing in twelve months , the last one last Monday , we hope he may come back but i think hes gone , we have herd other cats have gone missing in the area , but do not know how many . i have a feeling it is something sinister but i hope not , they were all lovely cats and all male ๐Ÿ™ ….

  9. Talia has contacted us to say that Charlie is still missing.

    “We are still frantically looking for him and want him home for Christmas.”