Two arrested after night-time burglary

Police helicopter

Avon and Somerset Police report that they arrested two men aged 18 and 21 in the early hours of  Monday 27th June, in connection with a burglary at a home in Bradley Stoke.

The news comes after a number of residents complained on the social networking site Twitter of being woken by a police helicopter hovering over their homes at around 2am.

After a scorching day on Sunday, it is thought that many house owners would have had bedroom windows open because of the heat, making them more likely to be disturbed by the “eye in the sky”.

Police say the helicopter was involved in a search of the area after the break-in.

The two men were later released on police bail pending further enquiries.

The burglary follows a similar incident in the Abbeywood area on Wednesday 22nd June, when five men were arrested on suspicion of stealing property from sheds and garages.

Neighbourhood Inspector Bob Evely said:

“It’s important to remember to lock up your home and secure doors and windows if you’re not in the same room.”

“But thieves are targeting sheds and garages to steal bicycles and other valuables – and often find tools they can then use to get into your home.”

“Use a hasp and staple fastening with a strong padlock on the door and good quality hinges. Fit a battery-powered alarm and make sure you mark all your property with your postcode and register it at It’s also important to make sure you lock valuable bikes or mowers to a ground anchor with a strong chain.”

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  1. You do realise that crimes take place under streetlights too, and also on sunny days, even here in Bradley Stoke?

    Cases of burglary have little to do with it being day or night or streetlights being on or off. It’s about opportunity – houses being empty when people are at work or on holiday, or the householders being asleep upstairs, and also about home security – is the house alarmed, does it have half decent locks, are doors and windows closed and locks locked!

    I shouldn’t worry about streetlights, just make sure your place is secure when you go out or retire to bed and you should be fine.

    I was woken by the helicopter too. I’m glad they caught the suspects, and hope they are tried, convicted and get appropriate sentences. Well done to the Police and the Air Ops Unit.

  2. Well done for the police for catching the little brats. As for those complaining about the helicopter disturbing them… get a life. Stupid people – it’s there for a reason… to protect you. You’d be the first to complain if you were broken into or worse, and there was no police presence

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