[Forum] Television interference in Juniper Way

Hi everyone,

I am just wondering if any residents on Juniper Way have recently suffered any “breakthrough” interference from any amateur radio users?

Not pointing fingers, but simply asking if any other residents have been affected?

I’m personally getting some terrible problems with one of my televisions and was keen to see if it’s just me.


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  1. Yes, when I play tv sound through my stereo, I can here radio conversations in the background, assumed it was the police, but if it’s geeks I will be less than pleased…

  2. I’m glad it’s not just me then!! I’ve tried complaining to Ofcom but no joy. So frustrating.

    I’d welcome suggestions!


  3. Hi all, instead of ringing ofcom, why not try and resolve it properly!!!! Ofcom will do nothing these days!!!! They do not have the time or resources!!!! I had the same issue so I looked into how to keep interference away from my stereo speakers!!!!

    Normal stereo wires have NO screening on them so in reality they act as a receiver / antenna!!!! Buy some better quality cabling or “ferite rings”

    That’s what I did, hope it helps πŸ™‚

  4. Mike, interesting reply. Why should I pay for that when it all worked perfectly fine before this radio Ham started using his kit (presuming this is the source, of course).

  5. Hi all, Ofcom will get involved, you just need to pay for them to come out. You would usually find if the HAM radio user will try and help you anyway if you ask but to be honest it’s only going to be stereos and devices with poor screening and filtration that are affected now considering we have gone digital as Mike mentions above. There are several HAM radio operators in Bradley Stoke So any of them could be causing your troubles. Cheers, hope it sorts itself out, David

  6. So do you know where the interferance comes from???? If you do have you thought about maybe telling them???? I work for the council and alot of people are too quick to complain to the authorities rather than sort the matter themselves. Try and get to the source of your problem yourself!!!! πŸ™‚

  7. 99.9% of the time, if it’s a licenced Radio Amateur causing the interference, their equipment will be well above the specification required by law – it’s usually the third party equipment (speakers/cable/tv/computer/tv etc) that doesn’t have enough immunity.

    Toxteth, you ask why you should pay because the Radio Ham is using his kit, but similarly the Radio Ham could say why should he stop transmitting because your electronic equipment lacks immunity to his signals?

    I suggest you approach the Radio Ham in question, most of the time they are an incredibly helpful lot and he will have ferrite rings/filters on hand to sort your problems out free of charge! Most RFI breakthrough problems are fixed incredibly quickly and easily.

    Kind Regards & good luck

  8. Terry,

    You say the Ham has equipment well above the specification required by law – are you saying they could be using too much power? Or doing something illegal?

    In terms of the Ham – if this person is blasting their broadcasts over mine, and others’ kit, then perhaps broadcasting in an urban environment should be considered at best anti-social and at worst illegal?

    Why should I subject myself to stress and arguments with a neighbour? I’ve lived here happily for some time, and sorry to sound petty, but the kit all worked fine before Radio Free Bradley Stoke showed up. Perhaps they should ave considered that before they began broadcasting and should have looked for a more suitable location/home to do this from away from a packed housing estate.

  9. It’s me!!!! I’m the GEEK in juniper way so if anyone has any problems with me or my hobby then ring or text me and let me know.

  10. “Hellllllooooooo” if anyone is getting interference I can help you…….. Unless of course this is a false claim!!!! πŸ˜‰ please call me, 07500702566 – thankyou.

  11. Dan,

    Pleased to say in recent weeks we’ve noticed a drop in interference. I’m not sure if you are doing something different or transmitting at different times, but it seems better.

    I have video proof of the interference so certainly not a false claim. Will let you know if there are further problems.


  12. No problems, my mobile number is on here should anybody need it. I own and run an aerial company (The Aerial Man) so we are always messing around with different things but I can assure you I am doing nothing illegal!!!! If you do get any interferance it’s alot easier to just speak to me and inform the source rather than go a long winded route (like this) lol, any problems let me know, Thanks, Dan – 07500702566

  13. I used to live in Clevedon, near the 2 large transmitter towers. That was awful. Blue stripes on the TV. Radio on every wires. If I held on to a radiator I could hear music on the phone πŸ™‚

    Juniper way is totally peaceful in contrast. Except for one house near me that is radiating so much crap that it blasts through my griffin roadtrip’s signal onto my FM radio πŸ™‚

  14. I take it you mean me!!!! Well my number is on here so if you would like to talk about this “crap” that’s being generated then by all means hold onto your radiator and dial the number πŸ˜‰ or we could just all sit on here chatting about it which gets us nowhere!!!!

  15. And breathe… Makes sense Dan, was going to call you anyway to get one of your lads to take a look at the aerial install he did a few months back. Will call later in the week. Rich