Council consults on roundabout casualty reduction measures

Patchway Brook Roundabout, Bradley Stoke, Bristol

South Gloucestershire Council has opened a public consultation on proposed casualty reduction measures for the Patchway Brook Roundabout on Bradley Stoke Way (adjacent to the Aldi store).

The purpose of the scheme is to reduce the number of personal injury accidents involving cyclists and motorcyclists at the roundabout, which joins Bradley Stoke Way, Pear Tree Road, Brook Way and Bowsland Way.

For the three year period 2008 to 2010, eight personal injury accidents were reported to the police as having occurred at the roundabout. Of the eight accidents, seven involved either a cyclist or motorcyclist. Five of the accidents involving a two-wheeled vehicle occurred when a car driver either entered or exited from the roundabout and collided with a cyclist or motorcyclist travelling around the roundabout.

The following measures, designed to reduce accidents involving two-wheeled vehicles, are proposed under the scheme:

  • Reducing the width of the circulatory carriageway around the roundabout whilst retaining two traffic lanes around the roundabout;
  • Installing cycle symbols at the entrances to the roundabout to remind drivers to look out for cyclists;
  • Installing an additional yellow box marking at the exit to Brook Way.

The consultation runs until midnight on Thursday 29th September 2011 and the Council says it will publish the results by 1st October 2011.

The scheme is also likely to be discussed at this Tuesday’s meeting of the South Gloucestershire Cycle Forum, which takes place at Bradley Stoke Leisure Centre (6pm to 8pm).

Subject to the comments received during consultation, the scheme is scheduled to be implemented in the current financial year.

A separate consultation on the installation of a raised table at the zebra crossing on Pear Tree Road (near Holy Trinity Church) is also currently in progress. The end date for that consultation is Monday 19th September 2011.

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  1. The problem is it’s a five-way intersection. The main road of Bradley Stoke Way has motorists in a hurry and don’t seem much aware of the other road users whether they be on four wheels or two.
    The only real solution is to remove the roundabout and install a traffic lights junction although this will slightly inconvenince the road users.
    Far too many tear around, overtaking on the left, a position legally correct for those going straight over but disconcerting for other road users.

  2. Its the idiots that use the right lane of the roundabout to go straight on. Cutting up the motorist in the correct left lane. It’s the same for most roundabouts around the area that have no lane markings to reinforce lane discipline. Thats how my brother was crashed into on the same roundabout by a car in the wrong lane.

  3. I use this roundabout on average 5 days out of 7 each week – 4 of them at the 5pm rush hour. The amount of lazy/ignorant people who clearly have no lane discipline/indicators beggars belief. It really does.

    IMO accidents at this roundabout won’t be lessened/curtailed…..(the amount of people who start to indicate left BEFORE the tesco express junction when they want to exit at the next one “Bowsland”?! is amazing. (That’s when they indicate at all of course, I mean why bother?) I see it 4 times a week…..

    Tax payer’s money will be wasted due to the simple mindedness of a vast majority of the plums at that roundabout. Superb!

    And yes I hate people who don’t indicate/indicate incorrectly at roundabouts. If BSTC are going to “address” the issues here, perhaps they ought to look at the roundabout at the enterance to Tesco, or ANY roundabout in BS?

  4. As with lots of other roads in north BS, the markings need to be repainted, so emphasizing each lane more clearly for those who have forgotten what they were taught. What we don’t need are yet more lights, road narrowing, speed humps, raised tables and whatever other measures they can dream up.

    Oh, and reinforce the law as well, on both two and four wheel road users.

  5. Yellow box…well nobody seems to pay any attention to these at all coming in and out of Aztec every morning & night. I think that traffic lights would be a good idea, however, I think this will hold up traffic even more and the queues are bad enough in the morning, and also the traffic lights at Aztec have a frequent habit of being out of sync

  6. Hi

    Two things can be done.

    1 – Add a yellow box for exit to Brook Way.
    2 – Remove the traffic lights on Bradley Stoke way and replace with mini roundabouts with access to these roundabouts from Orchards Gate and Woodlands lane controlled by lights. This should ensure traffic flows better to Aztec West, and that in the evening the jams on the A38 clear better as traffic is is not blocked by these two sets of lights.

  7. The problem with this roundabout is that it is non-standard insofar as it isn’t the normal 4-entry/exit roads (Highway Code specifies the lane for the first and last exits but just states an “appropriate lane” for all intermediate exits) and also doesn’t have any lane-advice signs to clarify. That’s all it needs – some signs. No more, no less.

  8. My husband was also knocked off his bike at this roundabout by a driver who didn’t see he was on the roundabout when she pulled onto it. Luckily he was ok, if a bit bruised. He didn’t report the driver which of course he should.

  9. Spend the money on driver and cyclist education, and enforce the highway code. IMO the Bristol area is one of the worst places for inadequate/invisible indicating I’ve ever driven or cycled in. Agree with the points above on poor markings but when crossing roundabouts, even in the car, can be like playing russian roulette, markings are the least of it.

  10. I’m amazed cyclists get in accidents on the roundabout, all the ones I see are on the pavements.

    Expect they will add more traffic lights, there seems to be a council plan to take an area designed for cars with no sets of traffic lights, and slowly do anything you can to destroy traffic flow by adding a set or two each year.

    They should build footbridges , like they originally did, but I suspect traffic lights are cheaper

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