Lengthy trenches needed to bring power to bus stops

Bradley Stoke bus stop cabling

Hundreds of metres of cable trenches are currently being dug around Bradley Stoke, to provide power to real-time information displays at bus stops on the ‘showcase’ 73 route.

The work began in April last year, when the stop opposite Bradley Stoke Surgery was first to be connected to the grid.

Money from central government is being used to provide the displays, through the Greater Bristol Bus Network (GBBN) project.

Electricity cables from the stops are being connected to street lamp bases but in many cases the lengthy trenches can be seen to pass several other lamps along the way.

A worker installing a cable to a stop on Brook Way, near Hawkins Crescent, where a street lamp stands directly behind the stop, told a Journal reporter that connections had to be made to lamps controlled by Western Power Distribution rather than South Gloucestershire Council (SGC). As the lamps on Brook Way belong to SGC, a 50+ metre trench has had to be constructed to reach the “right” sort of lamp in Hawkins Crescent (photo).

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