Get tough at the Bradley Stoke bootcamp

Bradley Stoke Get Tough Bootcamp

[Advertising Feature] Are you fed up with Zumba? Bored of the whole craze of dance ‘fitness’ classes, which has been sweeping the nation? Would you like to get back to a ‘proper’ workout ethic where exercise is exercise and not pretending to be something light and fluffy? Do you recognise that to get real results you have to put in some real hard work? And are you aware that sometimes the hard work is going to hurt? Then this new class might be just the thing for you!

Bradley Stoke Boot Camp

Introducing the new ‘GET TOUGH’ BOOTCAMP workout run by Howe Dynamic. Every Saturday, bright and early at 8:30am, a madcap (or maybe just mad) group of people will be meeting in the great outdoors of Bradley Stoke Community School Tennis Courts for a fun, challenging, wake-up of a workout.

The Bootcamp style workout has been getting progressively popular in the UK but ‘Get Tough’ is Bradley Stoke’s first outdoor weekly class. Styled on the traditional military fitness camps, it will be hard work, there’s no denying it, but there will also be fun as you’re taken through group drills, fitness, agility and bodyweight resistance exercises to improve your cardiovascular health, strength, conditioning, power and endurance.

It may sound tough, but adults of any age and any level of fitness are welcome and will benefit from taking part. Do be aware however that, just as in the army, slackers will not be tolerated – only kidding (!) but be prepared to work your body hard for an hour every Saturday morning and you’ll be feeling the difference in no time!

This is NOT your average exercise class …

There’s no fancy wooden flooring or mirrors, no heating, no music, no women in lycra (sorry guys!), and definitely no umbrellas allowed …

Starting on Saturday 5th November 2011, the class is great value at just £4.00 per session. And if you book and pay in advance for a block of 10 classes you only pay £3.20 per class.

[As the Get Tough Bootcamp will take place outdoors in all conditions, you will need to make sure you dress for the weather on the day! Sun, wind, rain, even snow, the class will be working out with Howe Dynamic, no matter what.]


Howe Dynamic

Contact Kate to book your place:

07799 834 014

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  1. Can I congratulate Kate you on a great fun, and well organised Bootcamp. I have been to both of the sessions and come away from both with a real sense of achievement.

    Anyone who is looking for a way to get fit or maintain there fitness levels really need look no further. The whole outdoor aspect of the class is a exciting spin on the normal gym based fitness classes, and overlooking the woods and green spaces of Bradley Stoke (saw a Buzzard & a Green Woodpecker this week!) whilst exercising is great for distracting the mind for the burning muscles!! I can really feel all the exercises hitting the spot.

    Keep up the good work, & I can see this class growing and growing. It’s just what Bradley Stoke needs.

    Good luck for the future, and thank you for your time.

    See you next week!