Another record crowd for Bradley Stoke fireworks

The crowd at Bradley Stoke Fireworks Display

A record crowd of nearly 8,000 surrounded the Jubilee Centre, Bradley Stoke, last night for the Bradley Stoke Town Council Firework Display.

Now in its ninth year, the annual display has grown to be one of the largest in the Bristol area and the public were delighted with a 20 minute display described by many as “better than ever”.

No entrance fee is charged for the event but public generosity saw £4,894 raised for the Mayor’s charities through bucket collection’s carried out by volunteers from Little Stoke Social Club, local Air Cadets as well as the two benefiting organisations – the Three Brooks Nature Conservation Group and the Bradley Stoke Scouts.

Bradley Stoke Fireworks Display

Also in attendance, representing HM The Queen, was Vice Lord-Lieutenant for Gloucestershire Robert Bernays who congratulated the Town Council for putting on the event before leading the assembled masses in a countdown to the launch [audio clip].

Speaking after the event Town Mayor, Cllr Ben Walker thanked the Vice Lord-Lieutenant for attending and paid tribute to the work of council staff and volunteers for putting on the event, saying:

“I’m very grateful to Robert Bernays for finding time to attend our display, a lot of hard work goes in to planning and marshalling the event and it means a lot to those involved behind the scenes that it is recognised externally as one of the county’s big events.”


“I should like to thank all the staff and volunteers that helped make the event a success as well as, of course, the good people of Bradley Stoke who gave so generously to my chosen charities.”

More photos on PicasaWeb: album; slideshow (The Journal)

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  1. Hopefully, Mark Forsyth is happier this year about the safety aspects of the event. There was, I noticed, a clearway created along the road this year. That said, I’m surprised that given how well this event is advertised, there are residents of the Willows who try to get in by car 10 minutes before the fireworks. A little common sense wouldn’t go amiss.

    We were trying to get through to the tennis courts as they were a good bet last year. Unfortunately, we couldn’t quite get there and it looked as though they were again being poorly utilised. That said, where we ended up was fine for getting a great view of the marvellous display! The fireworks that made two different squeals seemed to have everyone most amused!

  2. Well done everyone, another good display!!
    Would agree Bert, as a Willows resident we were all made aware what would be happening and when, I think some going into the Willows/Beeches were looking to park for the display so may be not what it seemed.
    But again well done look forward to next year…

  3. Bert,
    Yes I was more than happy with the excellent work put in by Vicky Davis, the Council Staff, Bill Walton’s volunteer marshal’s, Re-Energize and the Fireworks company. If the display arrangements had not been reviewed after last year, I think we would have had problems this year.
    You are right with regards to the some of the less understanding residents who live on the roads near the centre, who insist on arriving within 10 minutes of the show, and I think council will look at ways of better managing this in future years.
    My thanks once again to all the staff who made my job as overall coordinator so easy.

  4. Great display as always! They did a great job – the display and the organisation was brilliant! Thanks to all!

    My only complaint every year is the parking. I wish the organisers would block off the small cul-de-sacs (both Bradley Stoke and Little Stoke sides of the Jubilee Centre) in preparation for the display. There is ample, free parking at the Willow Brook Centre and yet people double/triple park throughout our cul-de-sac off Braydon Avenue in Little Stoke. I know it’s not for long and it’s only once a year, but each year they get more and more brazen 😉

    This year somebody parked in our neighbour’s driveway and somebody else double parked at the entrance to the road, sealing off access. That’s just an inconvenience, but also they abandon their cars on the verges, ripping up the grass and putting in deep ruts, which don’t heal – there are still ruts from last year’s display!

  5. The fireworks report includes: “A record crowd of nearly 8,000 ….”; and ” public generosity saw £4,894 raised for the Mayor’s charities”.

    Considering the high cost of fireworks, an average contribution of less than £1 per person is not my idea of “generosity”!

    But I fear it’s always the same. The famous and magnificent “Bridgwater Carnival” attracts donations, on average, of less than 20p/head, so perhaps us BS residents aren’t such a mean bunch after all.

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