[Forum] More speed bumps at the Willow Brook Centre please!

Approach road to the Willow Brook Centre, Bradley Stoke

At last something has been done to slow drivers down as they go in and out of our shopping complex. And it works. There was a long slow moving line of cars going in and out today (Saturday 28th November).

The newly installed speed bumps are definitely slowing down the traffic along the road behind Boots, Argos, etc.

Then they speed up once inside the car park!!! It’s still an accident waiting to happen. Until something is also done about the speed of vehicles inside the car park there is still the high risk of someone being badly injured, even killed, within the car park itself.

More speed bumps please on the roads inside the car park!

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  1. Unbelievable! Is this some sick scheme to encourage Halfords or something to take up a unit? We’ll all be needing new shock absorbers soon enough. I am not a fast driver, but I find the placement of signs around the entrance more dangerous than the driving habits of others.

    The queue blocking the entrance to the petrol station, right by the zebra crossing, is more of a danger than allowing the free flow of traffic in and out of the centre.

  2. And just to show what importance the management of the centre place on us as pedestrians, 80% of the zebra crossings do not have functioning flashing lights.

    Safety…..make your own mind up…….

  3. I wonder why the “powers that be” don’t just put a big gate up at the entrance to the shoppping centre. That would stop people going in there completely! I will be shopping elsewhere.
    Incidentally just how many speed induced accidents have there been in this car park? I haven’t heard of any!

  4. The place is best avoided, better shopping elsewhere! Take a leaf out of the Town Councils book and go shopping at the Mall!

  5. Coming out of the centre last night, I saw a possible disaster waiting to happen… some chavs were driving in the centre of the road towards me, avoiding most of the speed bumps.

    Yup, in some cases the bumps have been positioned so somebody driving in the centre of the road can miss them. And hit the car driving on the left in the process.


  6. These speed bumps are absolutely ridiculous. There are far too many, they are too closely spaced and simply far too big. For me it was always a toss-up between driving to Tesco or Sainsbury’s, but now the decision has been made for me.

  7. Although I support the principle of road safety – do we really need quite that many speed bumps at the centre? As Gyre points out, they’re badly positioned and as Bob points out they’re too large. Is the Willow Brook Centre going to pay for the wear and tear to my shocks?

    More to the point – how many accidents have there actually been at the centre, and does that number warrant the mad number of speed bumps.

    One final point – do they require planning permission? And did they seek this before making such a radical change to the road layout? Just wondering.

  8. Been to the willow brook centre tonight, first time in a while. Personally I think there are too many speed bumps on the entrance road, they are also too big for a shopping centre. Smaller tarmac ones like south glos use would be much better. Ones before the petrol station on a bend is stupid. You can mostly avoid them by driving around or in the centre of the road (I will do so if no oncoming cars and can see far enough, to avoid unnecessary wear & tear on my car suspension). The raised table on the first bend is a good idea as there have been quite a few accidents.

  9. Clarkson got it wrong, the people who should be taken out and shot are those who approved the quite ridiculous idea of putting these speed bumps in.
    Please note that they are wide enough to allow you to drive between them, provided there is nothing coming the other way of course, so they even got it wrong when they installed them.

    I am sick and tired of living in this backwards town, filled with officious little Hitlers and bumpkins on benefits who can’t even cross the road properly

  10. So it’s now confirmed, the speed humps and raised tables are needed because the basic design of the car park was fundamentally flawed.

    Richard is spot on with his observations, almost everyone going to the “centre” will be using their cars. So what do the management do to cover up their own failnigs, yep – annoy the very car drivers they need to make a profit with their mad scheme.

  11. These new speed bumps are causing traffic chaos at peak times. Only last saturday 3\12\11 the traffic going into the Willow Brook centre was so slow that the traffic was queued around the roundabout. This caused problems for cars trying to get on the roundabout. I also agree that these bumps are nothing but a nuisance there must be a better way to slow traffic down, what about sleeping policeman.