[Forum] Missing cat in Bradley Stoke (Wheatfield Drive)

Merlin - cat missing from Wheatfield Drive, Bradley Stoke

Merlin has been missing from Wheatfield Drive since Monday 12th December 2011. He is just over two years old and is micro-chipped and neutered. He is grey and white with very distinctive green eyes. He was wearing a black leather collar with metal paw prints on it and has a black heart shaped medallion with his name and contact number on it. He has also got an infra red key coloured blue on his collar. He is a lovable cat with a quiet nature.

If anyone has any information please contact Roz on 07864 700765.

Please could people check their sheds, garages and cars in case he is locked in somewhere.

We are devastated and miss him dreadfully. We have only lived in Bradley Stoke for 15 months and we arrived here with two cats. Milly, our other cat, went missing last October never to be seen again and we cant believe this is happening again. We are appalled at the number of cats that have been advertised as missing or lost in the time we have been here and are wondering if there is something going on that should be investigated.

Please help Merlin get back home.

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  1. Whilst I feel sad for a pet owner like this one, there is a problem in Bradley Stoke with the number of cats who people let run free. Our garden is full of cat poo, our fence has been scratched up, and we haven’t seen a hedgehog for years. We suffer because other people choose not to keep their pets on their own property but instead let them roam the neighbourhood freely.

    I would never encourage doing anything bad to a cat, but I can imagine many people see these outdoor cats as wild animals and destructive pests, not pets.

    I do hope this owner gets Merlin home, but I hope they (and all other area cat owners) keep the door closed in future so their pets stay on their own property.

  2. I can’t believe how stupid a comment this is. It’s impossible to keep a cat on your own garden, they are free spirits. I feel nothing but sadness about this cat going missing especially with the other cat going missing, and I remember reading this story. I myself have 3 cats and love them to bits. If there is something going on, then I hope the evil people responsible get their commupance in a nasty way!!!!!!!

  3. I have to agree with Sally on this one – I have two cats who have cat flap access into my back garden. One of the cats refuses to go outside at all, which is fine, while the other disappears in the morning and comes back in the afternoon. While I encourage them into the back garden if he chooses to jump the fence I can hardly stop him. I cant exactly enclose the garden with chicken wire overhead. And I regularly see hedgehogs because cats have no interest in them. I truly hope Merlin is found promptly.

  4. @A Neighbour – What a stupid comment. As a cat and dog owner, how can you possibly keep a cat confined to your own garden? Yes they could be a house cat that is locked inside (my friend does this); but I don’t agree with this.

    I’m personally quite worried as there are always reports of cats going missing in Bradley Stoke. I know a little while ago they had the same problem in Little Stoke; which turned quite nasty. I hope that there isn’t some sick, twisted individual roaming the streets looking for cats.

    I really hope Merlin is found safe and well!

  5. Whilst ‘a neighbour’ is entitled to their views I find the comments to be frustrating and unhelpful and not even factual. Hedgehogs are not affected by cats and I have seen quite a few in and around my own garden. I love my cats and whilst ‘a neighbour’ perceives them as a nuisance there are worse things roaming our streets including people who would mindlessly hurt defenceless animals. Cats are free spirits.

  6. A neighbour, this forum is not the time or place to bring up such irrelivent comments especially as someone is hurting. if you have a problem with cat poop I can only say it must be targeted attack cats are a good judge of character as are hedgehogs. It’s also very uneducated of you to expect cats to live in any other way.

  7. Merlin is home safe and sound. He had got himself trapped but thankfully a kind neighbour saw him and rescued him. He was waiting for us when we got home today. My grateful thanks to the kind neighbour and to your support at this worrying time.