Three Brooks pub to introduce pay and display parking

Pay and display machines at the Three Brooks, Bradley Stoke

Shoppers in Bradley Stoke who are in the habit of leaving their vehicles in the car park of the Three Brooks pub while they do a spot of shopping at Tesco could be in for a surprise this weekend when a pay and display parking system is introduced.

Payment machines and signage have been installed at the Savages Wood Road site over the last few days and the system is due to go live tomorrow (Saturday 17th).

Pub Manager Stephen Williams says the measure is being introduced as a “last resort” following complaints from customers unable to find a parking place, even when the pub is not especially busy.

The situation has come to a head after the pub lost 32 of its parking spaces to the neighbouring McCarthy & Stone housing development in early October, after which Mr Williams told The Journal he was looking at “putting solutions in place” to deal with unauthorised users of the car park.

Tesco staff, shoppers visiting the Willow Brook Centre and parents picking up children from the nearby Meadowbrook Primary School are said to be the main culprits.

A charge of £2 is to be levied for a three hour stay in the car park, with the fee being refunded to customers of the pub when they place their first order.

The parking fee will be payable from early morning until 9pm. Customers wishing to leave their vehicle in the car park overnight will be exempt from charges the following morning provided they record their registration number on a list held at the bar.

Pay and display sign in the car park of the Three Brooks pub

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  1. Well I think there is no hardship paying the £2 and getting it refunded in the pub, if you are going to the pub you also want to park your car. It should stop the other folk from using the parking bays for other reasons.

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