Last chance to win a year’s free gym membership at Anytime Fitness

Win a year's free gym membership at Anytime Fitness, Bradley Stoke

Feel you need to shake things up in the New Year? You’re not alone – with 2012 fast approaching let this be the year you achieve your health and fitness goals, whatever they are!

If you’re one of the many people who set new personal health and fitness goals at this time of the year, why not enter our exclusive Free Prize Draw competition to win a year’s free membership of the new Anytime Fitness 24-hour gym that opens soon at the Willow Brook Centre?

Hurry! Entries close at midnight on Saturday 31st December 2011.

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Craig Rimmer, personal trainer at Anytime Fitness, says we’re all susceptible to a little ‘over indulgence’ at Christmas but those of us serious about staying in shape need to plan ahead and ensure it doesn’t become another spiral of weight gain and “I’ll start tomorrow” excuses.

Craig’s top five tips for getting back into shape in 2012 are:

1) Get back into the gym and do something! Don’t put it off, even if you don’t feel like breaking records straight away, get back in and start establishing a routine so you gain one of the most valuable tools for training – consistency!

NOT A MEMBER OF A GYM? Join our brand new 24 hour facility at the Willow Brook centre, Bradley Stoke from under £30 per month!

2) Set realistic but challenging goals. Setting goals gives you realistic targets to achieve. It motivates, ensures the body progresses and keeps your workouts focused and structured.

3) Plan ahead! My most successful clients aren’t necessarily the ‘hardest’ workers. It’s the ones that layout their week, aim for 3-5 sessions in the gym and prepare their food for the whole day. They know exactly what’s going into their body and know when to hit the gym in order to stay on track. This way when “something came up” happens, preparation ensures that you can still achieve.

4) Get a Personal Trainer. Personal training has proven to be one of the biggest tools in helping people achieve their goals. I personally 100% guarantee my clients results as long as they follow my advice accurately. Check out my website and view the testimonials to see how I can get you similar results in Bradley Stoke’s newest and only 24 hour gym.

5) Be patient and keep doing it right. Results normally don’t happen overnight. We all want results right away, part of ‘microwave mentality’ I guess. Learn to enjoy your training, appreciate the little things, stick at it and the big results will be just around the corner!

Happy training- See you in the gym!

Craig Rimmer BSc (Hons) – Personal Trainer at Anytime Fitness

Tel: 07841 712955 | Email:

The new Anytime Fitness club is located on the first floor of the Town Square complex, above Costa Coffee, Greggs, Taylors Estate Agents and KFC.

For more information about Anytime Fitness Bradley Stoke, phone 0845 519 6761.

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