Willow Brook Centre suspends mums’ breakfast club

The Willow Brook Centre Mummy's Breakfast Club, Bradley Stoke

The Willow Brook Centre has announced that it is suspending its Mummy’s Breakfast Morning club – just seven months after its inaugural meeting at the Harvester restaurant.

The club, which provided free hot drinks for mums and free activities for children, was previously held on the last Tuesday in every month.

Membership of the club also brought the benefit of discounts at selected stores within the Willow Brook Centre.

The club celebrated its 200th member in September but a source at the Centre told The Journal that it “wasn’t compatible with our revised marketing strategy”.

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  1. Obviously no budget left after forking out for the ridiculous traffic calming measures!

    Never mind, you can amuse the kids with a ride on the humpback roller coaster that is the access road to the Willow Bumps Centre.