[Forum] Pear Tree Road raised crossing “utter waste of money”

Raised table zebra crossing under construction in Pear Tree Road

The raised zebra crossing is now finished, and what an utter waste of money.

I stood and watched for a few minutes on Friday 17th February and not one driver even slightly slowed down.

I’m sure we all knew it wouldn’t work (except the Council).

The real answer is a light controlled crossing, however, it is only normally used by pedestrians for about an hour in the mornings and the same in the afternoons, five days a week during school terms.

Photo: Construction of the (now completed) raised crossing in Pear Tree Road, Bradley Stoke.

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  1. Totally agree. Just like the one on Brook Way which doesn’t even have a zebra painted on it. They don’t slow anyone down except people who were driving slowly anyway. And surely a raised zebra is a speed bump to late? A speed bump before it would surely be a better warning of an upcoming crossing?
    A light controlled crossing is the only effective solution.

  2. But these additional speed ramps are essential, all part of the “travel plans” according to a certain BS ex-Councillor.

    There already is a light-controlled crossing, what’s needed is for Plod to enforce the laws of the road.

    Lions led by donkeys…..(Especially when it comes to wasting money)

  3. There’s no light controlled crossing on either Pear tree road or Brook way, the site of both these stupid humps. Where do you mean anon-e-mouse?

  4. Andy, the lights I refereed to on Pear Tree were the ones attached to the zebra crossing which convey a legal duty on the part of motorists to obey as part of the RTA/HC.

    I agre the bumps are stupid and I note the Pear Tree version has more shallow entry/exit ramps than Brook Way. So much for standardisation by SGC and their team of highway consultants and labourers.