Charity football match to raise funds for Childline

Posted on Wednesday 23rd May 2012 at 1:34 pm by SH (Editor)

Charity football match in aid of Heart's 'Have a Heart' Childline campaign.All eyes will be on Bradley Stoke Town FC this Saturday (26th May) as they host a charity match for Heart’s ‘Have A Heart’ Campaign in which all proceeds will go to Childline.

The match takes place at the Jubilee Centre in Savages Wood Road [BS32 8HL, map], with kick off scheduled for 2pm.

BBQ and refreshments will be available and the Jubilee Centre bar will be open for drinks for adults and children

Bradley Stoke Town FC will field players from all its four adult teams and they will face a celebrity and ex-pro eleven consisting of:

  • PARIS TROY – Heart Breakfast
  • ED PALMER – Heart Breakfast
  • PAUL BURLING – Britain’s Got Talent
  • JOHN RENDELL – Ex Cardiff City
  • TOM WHITE – Ex Bristol Rovers & Yeovil
  • PAUL NUTTALL – Ex Tranmere Rovers
  • BILLY CLARKE – Ex Bristol Rovers
  • FRANKIE BENNETT – Ex Bristol Rovers
  • ANDY TILLSON – Ex Bristol Rovers, QPR, Walsall
  • STEVE WHITE – Ex Rovers, Luton, Swindon & Cardiff
  • TOMMY DOHERTY – Ex Bristol City (Currently Bath City)
  • DAVE GILROY – Currently Chippenham Town FC

On behalf of Bradley Stoke Town FC, Rich Sears said:

“We would dearly love as many people as possible to come to the event from Bradley Stoke and the surrounding area to not only see stars from the past but to also cheer on this charity match and dig deep into their pockets for this great cause.”

The Heart Angels will be in attendance and there will be face painting for the kids.

Gates open at 1pm. More info: Matchday programme [PDF, 482kB]

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15 Responses to “Charity football match to raise funds for Childline”

  1. Trueblue Says:

    Paul Nuttall? Can’t say I remember much about his playing career with Tranmere but I know about his political career with UKIP. That’s right, he’s Deputy Leader of UKIP and a UKIP MEP. Why is a UKIP MEP from the North West coming to Bradley Stoke to help a CONSERVATIVE Mayor? I think we should be told.

  2. SH (Editor) Says:

    Interesting observation. @Trueblue seems to be correct:

  3. Richard Says:

    Celebrity and ex-pro 11??? I’ve never heard of any of them, unless the Ben Walker is the ex-mayor…have HMRC been informed if it is him?

  4. Adam Says:

    Looks like it could be a good event. With the hot weather we have been having which is due to continue into this weekend, it should be a fantastic afternoon.
    Rather than pick at the teams, why not come along, get some sun, support the charity and your local football club.

  5. Nige in Knowle Says:

    Trueblue chill out, forget the politics, it’s for Charity!

  6. My Chocolate Explosion Says:

    If the organiser of this event could contact me, either on our website or Facebook, I would like to donate one of our standard chocolate bar explosions to the event.

  7. localresident Says:

    Richardsays…..are you really telling us you have never heard of Andy Tillson,Billy Clarke,Tommy Doherty,Paul Burling,Ed & Troy.I’m not a born Bristolian but I know what jobs the above do / have done.You cannot be ‘local’.

  8. Richard Says:

    No I’m not a “local”, I’m a proud Londoner and only here through a sense of family duty. Believe me there is nothing on earth that would make me live in this sad, pathetic, backwater where even the internet struggles to reach.

    And no, I haven’t heard of any of your footballers, and I use that term lightly as I have been to see both City and Rovers and vowed never to go back as it was the most depressing display of sporting ineptitude i have ever witneseed, and I have watched football all around the world.

    I have no problem supporting this worthwhile charity but please don’t ask me to watch this bunch of nobodies who strive to reach the heights of being “has-beens”

  9. Lackoflopresti Says:

    Richard, if it’s such a pathetic place, why do you spend so much of your clearly ever so important time leaving worthless, ignorant, close minded comments o here so often!

  10. SH (Editor) Says:

    Saturday’s charity match in Bradley Stoke is now being promoted on the official Bristol City and Bristol Rovers websites:

    Doherty in Bradley Stoke game (BCFC)

    Charity football match this Saturday (BRFC)

    The City article says:

    “There will also be a raffle with the prize value totalling more than £350, including four tickets to a City home game.”

    The Rovers article says:

    “For Gasheads who are too young to remember these Rovers legends there is also going to be a raffle with the prize value totalling more than £350 including a Rovers home shirt signed by the current squad.”

  11. Smithy71 Says:

    I can’t believe how some people have the audacity to put our local town down! If only you had the brains to understand that this football event is for CHARITY?! If you don’t like it here then why you here?! This CHARITY event has nothing what so ever to do with politics, so maybe pick up your toys and stop being so childish!!! To organise events like this takes a lot of time and effort, so why not come along and put your money where your mouth is!?

  12. HappyHammer Says:

    Hear, Hear, Smithy71. This sounds like its going to be immense. Really looking forward to what looks like being a great day. Well done to all involved and wish you great success.

  13. mightymouse232 Says:

    Oh, Richard, or do you prefer Dick? You really must get a life you faceless twerp. You are precisely what is wrong in our society. If you hate Bristol so much then stay away. The event raised some much needed money for vulnerable children. So what’s your gripe?

  14. SH (Editor) Says:

    Photos from Saturday’s BSTFC Charity Football Match are now available on PicasaWeb and Facebook.

  15. Adam Says:

    Good photos, what a fantastic day and turn out!

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