Groups to stage Sports Day on Jubilee Green

The Bradley Stoke Sports Day - 22nd July 2012.

This Sunday (22nd July) between 2pm and 4pm, the Friends of Jubilee Green and the Stokes Cycling Club are inviting the local community to a Sports Day with a difference at the Jubilee Centre in Bradley Stoke.

The Stokes Cycling Club will be taking over the top part of the green and will be inviting you to join in the following events on your bike: an egg and spoon race, bunny hop tuition, mini cycle cross and a ‘slug race’ where the winner is the one who can go the slowest and still stay on!

The Friends of Jubilee Green will be nearer the Jubilee Centre offering traditional non-bike events: three-legged race, sack race and obstacle course. They are also inviting you to ‘bling your bike’ where you will be able to decorate your bike for the bike parade that will take place at the end of the event.

In the Woodlands Suite, The Friends will also be offering craft activities for those brief moments when you do not want to partake in an activity. All of these activities will be free of charge.

The event is also being supported by Bradley Stoke Radio, who will be providing a PA system and providing announcements throughout the event, and the Woodcraft Folk, who will be providing a craft activity for a very small charge. The event will be heavily dependent on the weather and the ground conditions, so the activities could be subject to change.

Michelle Dent of The friends of Jubilee Green told The Journal:

“It has been a pleasure to organise this event and work alongside the Stokes Cycling Club and have the support of Bradley Stoke Radio and the Woodcraft Folk. My fingers are crossed for a dry spell so the community can have a fun afternoon, but regardless of the weather nothing can stop the huge amount of gluing and sticking that’s on offer through the craft activities.”

Richard Burton of the Stokes Cycling Club added:

“The Stokes Cycling Club is a sociable, friendly, but above all fun group, and we are happy to help organise this event as it fits in so well with our approach. Bring your bike and join in!”

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