Big guns brought in for Bradley Stoke by-election

Polling Station Sign (photo by Paul Downey).

A minor by-election for a vacant seat on Bradley Stoke Town Council seems to have taken on an unprecedented significance for two of the contesting political parties.

The vacancy, resulting from the resignation of Barry Mitchell, is being contested by candidates from the Conservatives, Labour and UKIP, with the latter party hoping to increase its representation on the Council following three defections earlier this year.

The Conservatives, keen to avoid what would be the embarrassing loss of a fourth seat within as many months, have had two of their top local politicians, Jack Lopresti MP and Cllr John Calway (Leader of South Gloucestershire Council), pounding the streets in support of their candidate Paul Hardwick.

The local UKIP team, led by former Conservative Town Mayor Ben Walker, has responded by busing in one of their party’s National Executive Committee, Neil Hamilton (a disgraced former MP turned media celebrity), to canvass alongside their candidate Caroline Sullivan.

Labour, putting up a candidate in the Meadowbank parish ward for the first time in many years, have so far resisted any temptation to bring in outside support for their candidate Robin Horsfall.

The Conservatives also seem to be putting a big effort into their election literature, with five deliveries noted so far against one from UKIP and none from Labour.

Around 2,500 people are entitled to vote in the by-election, which takes place on Thursday 6th September. Staging the poll is expected to cost local taxpayers around £4,500. Two previous by-elections in the same ward in October 2008 and November 2009 attracted turnouts of 21% and 15% respectively.

Paul Hardwick, Conservative candidate. Robin Horsfall, Labour candidate. Caroline Sullivan, UKIP candidate.

Details of the candidates and a selection of their campaign literature can be found on our special 2012 Meadowbank By-election page.

What the by-election candidates are saying

Paul Hardwick, Conservative

Intouch news sheet, 10th August: Youth funding shake-up challenged; Superfast broadband moves closer; Labour and UKIP risk rapid transit bid; Bus boost for Bradley Stoke.

Intouch news sheet, 30th August: Paul backs leisure centre campaign; Keeping your money in your pockets; Supporting skate park improvements.

Flyer: Paul Hardwick is “the only candidate who lives in the ward”.

Caroline Sullivan, UKIP

Leaflet, 20th August: Cut council tax and business rates; Money for local services, not the European Union; Zero tolerance on crime public services and anti-social behaviour; Get more police on the beat; Cut council executives and managers, not front line services; Control immigration, which threatens our public services; Give real decision making to local communities.

BCfm interview, 24th August: Caroline Sullivan introduces herself and explains her party’s position on Europe and immigration. [listen again]

Read the above material in full via the links on our special 2012 Meadowbank By-election page.

Do you live in the Meadowbank parish ward? Check out the interactive map of parish ward boundaries on The Journal’s Contact your Councillor page.

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  1. I’m appalled by the latest twitter tweet from the UKIP candidate which seems to suggest that anyone who comes to this country from abroad is a benefits scrounger. I pay my taxes and run a profitable business. It seems that UKIP is really just BNP-lite as far as some of it’s candidate are concerned. The tweet inself looks very like BNP-type propaganda. I’m disgusted. Judge for yourself. I have flagged this up to the BBC and all local media.!/carrie0/media/slideshow?

  2. £4,500 for a by-election in which just 15% of 2,500 voters are likely to turn out? I make that £12 per voter.

    And for what? It will make no difference to how the town council is run.

    This is just a petty squabble between politicians who have fallen out with each other. They should be ashamed of themselves.

  3. I’m told that UKIP’s Caroline claims that she knows nothing of the immigration ‘tweet’ even though it’s clearly on her Twitter page from May this year along with the comment ‘Caroline Sullivan ‏@carrie0
    Oh how true is this!! ‘ If she is suggesting that her Twitter account was hacked back in May will she therefore go to the police about this? I challenge her to either admit that it was her own Tweet and apologise to the voters in Meadowbank – or in the alternative make a formal complaint to the police.

  4. I have met Caroline on the doorstep during this election period and one of my closest friends has known Caroline and her husband for over ten years. She is absolutely not an extremist in any way and I for one will be voting for her along with my husband and eldest. She is the only person I have seen door knocking and at the Churches coffee mornings and cares for our community. Why is there always a bad smell when Tories are involved?? Are they that worried that they need to try and plant rumours?? Absolutely disgusted with reading these Tories pathetic made up stories – once again!! Change the record as its getting old and boring!!

  5. Or if you are so “appalled” Dillip then rather go to the media, why not go and report it to the police. What are you trying to achieve exactly?

  6. Having located the above mentioned retweet on my twitter account dated 9 May, I would like to assure you that this was purely an attack on the government regarding their open border policy. In no way am I against anyone who wants to move here to make an honest living in this country.

  7. OK Caroline I’ll accept that you meant no harm but one thing troubles me. Why did you retweet a piece of EDL / BNP propaganda? Surely that was an error on your part and you must accept that some residents will find that offensive. The tweet refers to ‘England – where only suckers work’. Do you not think that people will find that offensive? Is that really your view? Afterall you commented ‘Oh how true it is’.

  8. Politics aside if a candidate has retweeted English Defence or British National Party literature then that is worrying. I hope she just did this out of naivity rather than her actually views. Either way I think it raises questions about her suitability as a candidate and I personally will now not be voting for UKIP.

  9. Having met both candidates on the doorstep (in fact the Conservative has called round twice) I was evenly balanced on who to support. Having clicked on the twitter link and looked at the ‘offending tweet’ I have now decided to support the Conservative as I don’t like the tone of the image concerned which I fear spreads distrust and hatred towards those less fortunate on benefits and those who have come to the UK for genuine reasons.

  10. I note the absence of a lib dem candidate in this election. Does anyone know why the libs aren’t standing. I personally normally vote Liberal but having met the Conservative and knowing of his hard work over the years with the Cricket Club I think I will lend the Conservatives my vote this time. I have considered voting UKIP but this just confirms my suspicions that they are actually very right wing in their views towards those less fortunate. I’d be interested to know if anyone knows why the Libs aren’t standing though.

  11. Dillip, what a shame you disappeared off Twitter after posting your comments to me, I can only assume you set up that account purely to harass me and make false accusations. And to impersonate a news journalist from BBC Bristol?? Are the Torys running that scared?

  12. People really seem to get into trouble with Twitter don’t they? I think candidates should think before they tweet in future. I wonder why on earth UKIP are standing in a TOWN COUNCIL by-election anyway? I wasn’t aware that Meadowbank was planning to join the Eurozone!

  13. Caroline. For the record I haven’t disappeared off Twitter. I’ve simply blocked you as I felt quite threatened by your reaction to my simply raising a legitimate query about your offensive tweet. You are correct that I have spoken to a BBC radio journalist who assures me he is interested in the issue I raised. You are wrong to assert that I’m a Tory. I’m not and you have no right to make such comments about my politics which you know nothing about. I had actually considered voting for you are only raised this issue because I spotted your comments on twitter. If this is your reaction to try to brand me a ‘Tory’ and put me in a position where I feel threatened then I have to say that I think you are not a suitable person to be a Councillor. Sorry but that’s my view.

  14. Whoah Caz! A bit of an over-reaction to a voter concern there I think. If you have put yourself up for public office then you have to accept that people may question you about your views, what you have done, what you believe in – and indeed what you may or may not have posted on twitter. It’s not harassment it’s called voter engagement! Sorry Caz but I think you’ve blown it now. I won’t be voting for you as I think people have a right to ask these questions.

  15. OMG. What a reaction from a candidate! @ Caroline how can the allegations be false if the tweet is there for all to see on your twitter account? I’ve just looked at it and it certainly says what @ Dillip claims. So do you deny tweeting it? If not then the allegation is therefore true. Simple.

  16. As UKIP are so interested in Europe they should know that in the European Parliament mainstream MEPs (Labour, Lib Dem, Conservative) ignore BNP group and quite rightly refuse to engage with them because of their unacceptable racist views. I hope Bradley Stoke Town Councillors will take a similar approach with the UKIP grouping.

  17. The reason a bi-election was called in the first place was because the Conservatives would not co-opt a UKIP candidate, thus a bi-election was needed. This may be because they have lost so many of the councillors to UKIP they felt threatened. It’s a bit of a coincidence that the conservative candidate is the husband of an existing conservative town councillor. Are they that strapped for candidates they have to go literally ‘in house’ to find anyone who actually believes in and stands for tory policies.
    Regarding the tweet- after viewing it- a harmless snipe at immigration policy.
    As far as the UKIP candidate- she was the only one who came to knock my door in the pouring rain, she was the only one prepared to stand by her views and go on live radio. Where we’re the other candidates? Who knows but they were invited.
    Caroline Sullivan WILL be getting my vote and the vote of many many others in this ward. Let’s start making a difference and supporting people who back up their words with actions.

  18. How interesting that at by-election should bring in so many new faces to the Journal..…… who’d have thought it?

  19. It,s a pity I don’t live within the ward as I would vote for Caroline. I,ve attended a UKIP meeting and was so impressed by how many of the issues raised, seemed to connect with the real world. However, everyone is entitled to their opinions, this is true. Just don’t get too personal. Looking forward to the day when we have a Government that doesn’t believe in hypocrocy.

  20. Dillip, are you prepared to tell us who ‘informed’ you that the candidate denied knowledge of the tweet?
    I have gone through the candidates tweets of today and can not see anything that could be considered threatening to warrant you feeling threatened and blocking her. Did she PM you? Will you tell us what she said that made you block her on twitter (but continue corresponding with her on this forum)? or will you give us your twitter name so we can see for ourselves?

    Dillip my family too are immigrants, I am second generation and too run a successful business in BS. In fact I’ll be at the Aztec Hotel with the BS small
    business forum next meeting if you would like to join us.
    Sadly, not all immigrants are like us, hard working, tax-paying and willing to contribute to society FACT….. Some, not all, but some, do come here because the UK is seen as a ‘soft touch’ again, having spoken to family members living outside the UK it is a FACT.
    The UKIP immigration policy is practically the same as Australia’s- come here but prove your worth, support yourself and your family and contribute. Are we saying that is wrong? I’m not talking asylum seekers now I’m talking immigrants. I don’t think anyone will disagree that that makes social and economic sense.
    As I stated I, as an immigrant, read the candidate’s tweet as a political jibe at the current immigration policy NOT as a personal attack on immigrants which you Dillip obviously did.

    Vicky Polard’s sister- can you point out where the candidate denies the tweet or are you taking Dillip’s informant’s word for it?
    Terry- should we now cut off all connections with Australia as they hold BNP views too?
    Neil Orange Peel- I agree the right to question in a fair and open forum.
    Dillip- spotted it on twitter- it took me 20 mins to find the tweet and I was looking for it- some spotting mate
    Patrick- Lol, i can see the EU flag being raised over tesco as we speak!
    Caroline- I cant find Dillip on twitter but I don’t have his user name. Can you share with us the impersonating a news journalist comment?
    Tony Upwards- im sure we would all love to know why no lib dems
    Mike Stafford- we are not talking about asylum seekers we are talking about abusing the system
    Manly- NO English Defence or British National Party literature re-tweeted
    Mouse – exactly, what is Dillip trying to achieve?
    Kat- you and many will vote with what and who you believe in on the day
    Grace- you’re right, but we live in a democratic society
    and finally Dillip -BNP-type propaganda? did this image originate form the DNP ? or just a society fed up with people taking advantage of lax immigration policy, lax border control and false promises made by successive governments who all fail to deliver.
    AND ALL THIS FOR A TWIN COUNCIL ELECTION- I cant wait for the next district election lol

    Night all

  21. OMG.
    Dillip. I have found your account on twitter (perhaps i need to get a life) by typing Dillip into the search and finding that you have tweeted the candidate.
    it appears that your account is suspended after all? want to open it us so we can see just what has been sent between you and the candidate?

  22. I am absolutely disgusted!!!
    I have been reading these comments and am totally astounded and disgusted that anyone can say or even suggest that the UKIP candidate, Caroline Sullivan is a racist or any where near one. In all the years that I have known Caroline, which is over 15 years, she has never held any of these views. I’d say those type of thoughts are the most furthest from her mind. I am at a loss that anyone, let alone another candidate or anyone else could even suggest this of her. She and UKIP have my full support both personally and politically.

  23. A well used ploy by some in political circles is to play the race card, whether justified or not and hope some mud sticks. This was perfectly demonstrated during the Blair and Brown years of Labour government, they would pounce on any discussion regarding their open-door immigration policy to immediately squash good, honest debate by insinuating it was racist to even question their motives.

    So Dillip, you haven’t answered the questions I posed earlier. If you were so appalled by what you read on twitter why did you not refer the matter to the police and secondly, what did you hope to achieve by your actions?

  24. In response to Tony Upwards’ question “Why aren’t the Lib Dems standing?”.

    In 2007 there was a change in the town council from Lib Dem (controlled since 1992) to Conservative. I had decided to stand down after 15 years and give others a chance to represent their community. Disappointngly, we ended up with 1 Lib Dem cllr. In 2009 when a Conserative cllr resigned I stood again and got elected. That was a low point for me as my return to the council was blighted with Conservative manipulation of the committees, secret meetings, and the worst of all, the policy that that exclued me from doing anything to make things better. I remember making a proposal at one meeting which was voted down, only to attend the next meeting where that same proposal was made by a Conservative and voted through.

    This latest election will unfortunately make no change to the way this council is run and is a power play between the Conservatives and UKIP. The Lib Dems have ambition to take back control of the town council and represent Bradley Stoke again on South Gloucestershire Council, but now is not the time.

    At this point I will say “Good Luck Labour”.

    Alderman Jon Williams

  25. Interesting reasoning from Jon Williams as to the lack of a Lib Dem. Reading between the lines, they aren’t standing because they won’t get enough Councillors to do what they want? Well boo hoo, but that is what opposition is about, sometimes you just need to suck it up. You would think if any party should be used to opposition it would be the Liberals!

    You are doing a disservice to your members who will not have the chance to vote for a candidate from their party, and regardless of whether or not you get to run things your way, you owe them the chance to at least be represented. Poor show.

    Of course a cynic might say the Liberals are at a low ebb nationally, and fear that their candidate would finish in a humiliating 4th place, so have decided not to put one forward on ‘moral grounds’. You can’t change the things you claim are wrong with the council if you never put a candidate forward, Jon, as I’m sure you know.

    As for Caroline, who clearly thinks she is getting a hard time, welcome to the game. Having her actions questioned, or ‘harassment’ as she terms it, is what she signed up for I’m afraid. I do feel some sympathy for her being as this was clearly posted before she was running for office, however retweeting BNP propaganda does, have others have said, raise serious concerns over her judgement.

    I understand that the vast majority of people act differently as private citizens compared to when they run for public office. That is unavoidable. But is it too much to ask that our politicians have at least enough nous to delete their BNP propaganda when they decide to run for office? Her naivety is almost as worrying as her questionable views on those unfortunate enough to need benefits in order to survive.

  26. Have to say I agree with @BradleyStokeGhost. As a private individual one is entitled to tweet whatsoever one wishes as long as it is lawful. However political candidates should expect to be subject to much more scrutiny by the electorate than ordinary citizens. For Caroline to refer to this as ‘harassment’ shows a breathtaking lack of political nous. I will be voting on Thursday but I will not be supporting UKIP.

  27. Caroline of UKIP can’t have it both ways. You can’t tweet hateful comments about immigrants and then claim harassment when someone challenges you on your obnoxious views. If you can’t stand the political heat then keep out of the kitchen.

  28. Bradley Stoke is a diverse area in terms of ethnicity. Walk down any road in Meadowbank and you will see people from all sorts of backgrounds and race. The community seems to get along well and we’ve got a strong diverse community here in Bradley Stoke. Surely there is no room whatsoever for racism to creep into our Town Council and must be opposed. We’ve seen elsewhere in the country what happens when BNP / UKIP get a foothold – Oldham, Birmingham, Bradford etc and it leads to the preaching of hate against our fellow men. We must resist this racism and I urge all residents in Meadowbank whatever their politics normally, whether that be Labour, Lib Dem or Conservative to think before they vote and avoid voting for an extremist who seeks to divide what we have achieved here.

  29. @ Dr Hook is correct. We don’t want to see our community torn apart by extremists. Racists are not welcome here – but community-oriented immigrants are.

  30. @Dr hook and @Wood of the Savages, have you actually seen the “offending” tweet?? which bit is racsist or unlawful ?? I have seen this tweet, after much searching and have seen it many times before. Unfortunately, because of the Governments open door policy on immigration there are many many people who will come here purely for benefits and have no intention to work or contribute to our country! AS for putting UKip along side BNP?? You clearly are listening to Tory propaganda and haven’t read UKip’s policies.
    As for DILLIP, why can’t you answer the questions posed to you when you demand answers from yours?? How can you be “quoting” Caroline when you clearly shut down your Twitter account before she could comment, unless of course, you were the bogus news reporter?? and exactly what was so threatening??
    UKip Rascist/Extreme?? …no, Caroline a rascist/Extremist??.. absolutely not.
    People…I urge you WAKE UP AND SMELL THE SMEAR CAMPAIGN! and at Town council level too! Never a better time for a fresh change!

  31. I hope the voters of Bradley Stoke vote against an attempted takeover of our town by racists and bigots. There is no support for BNP / UKIP here.

  32. It would appear that the UKIP candidate has form in this regard. On 17th July she appears to have tweeted that British people are leaving the country because of immigrants coming in:

    Caroline Sullivan ‏@carrie0
    @liarpoliticians because all the British are getting the hell out!!

    These are questionable views for a Town Council candidate.

  33. OMG!!! Do you people really believe the obvious lies written on here??? I know Caroline, not personally, but I know of the work she puts in to this community, of how dedicated and passionate she is about local issues and local people. Her timeless efforts to raise money for charities, her voluntary work with children and her never ending ability to be there to take on a project to help others. Having read the lies spread from people who don’t know her, you should hang your heads in shame! This is a decent, honest member of our community who only strives to do more for the people living here! At Town council level, should she really be subject to the smearing of her good name? I can only assume these are the same people who attempted a smear against Ben Walker as a result of his defection to UKip. If you can’t win the race by being decent and honest and have to stoop so low to personally attack someone you don’t know then we will never have a decent country run by decent people! Disgusted!

  34. I asked the UKIP candidate her views on immigration when she canvassed me and to be honest I was offended by her bigoted views. As a Lib Dem voter I probably won’t be voting this Thursday and @JonBoy disappointed that the party has chosen not to engage in this election. I can’t support the Labour candidate as they made a mess of the country and we’ve not seen anything of the Labour candidate. I may well go out and cast my vote for the Tory in the end as he seems a likeable guy and this election is about local services at the grassroots. I’m disappointed that UKIP have made this so political. Surely this is about our town not about Europe!

  35. I’m a UKIP supporter and defend Caroline’s right to tweet about immigrants. She is NOT A RACIST. She is simply reflecting the views of HARD WORKING BRITISH PEOPLE who feel swamped by immigrants who come here and take all our benefits without paying into the system. UKIP support HARD WORKING BRITISH PEOPLE WHO DONT WANT TO BECOME PARTY OF A EUROPEAN MULTICULTURAL MESS!!!!! Vote for UKIP on Thursday to stop the dillution of BRITISHNESS. Well done Caroline, stand up for your views!!!!

  36. @ Bradleystokeghost, How can you say Caroline deserves this nonsense as she signed up for it?? This is about the Town council and most importantly, which you all seem to have forgotten, the community! Big party politics shoudn’t come in to it!( as per UKip local government policy!)
    God forbid another by election should be needed, as we would be lucky to find any decent person wanting to put themselves forward for this unpaid job with the likes of you slandering them every time they want to do some good! And since when did being patriotic start being called closet rascism?? I know who the buffons are and it’s not UKip,, update yourselves on the policies and stop showing your ignorance for all to see!

  37. Toxteth, hmm see what you mean lots of new people, which has to be good? It has been a while since I have seen this much emotion re an election.
    Shame it is not a 4 way fight.
    How about a protest vote, don’t like UKIP, don’t like Tory, cannot vote Lib Dem, don’t want to vote Labour, spoil your paper! For me still undecided. But this is great to read.

  38. You people really should get to learn the difference between definition of Racism and the definition of immigration!

  39. Two recent, potentially libellous comments have been rejected by the Editor.

    One accuses a previous contributor of being a liar and another calls a (named) Town Councillor a crook.

    There is also evidence (although nothing conclusive) that some individuals may have been using multiple pseudonyms to make it appear that several people share their views.

    I don’t wish to suppress free and open discussion but am not prepared to put this publication at risk of legal action, so any further contributions on this article may be subject to verification via email and/or phone.

  40. Another “big gun” is heading for Bradley Stoke.

    William Dartmouth, UKIP MEP for the South West, will be canvassing in the Meadowbank ward tomorrow – according to a press release just received:


    William Dartmouth, the UK Independence Party MEP for the South West, will be in Bradley Stoke tomorrow (05/09/12) to help Caroline Sullivan win a seat on the Town Council.

    Mr Dartmouth and the candidate will be canvassing in the Meadowbank ward, Kemperley Way in the morning. They will be joined by the last years Chairman of Filton Town Council, Alan Tink, who joined UKIP recently. Speaking at a recent UKIP meeting in Filton, Mr Tink said, “I believe strongly in UKIP’s aims and objectives. I’m tired of Filton being ignored by its elected representatives to a backdrop of persistent government mis-management. UKIP’s South Gloucestershire Councillor and former Mayor of Bradley Stoke, Ben Walker, will also be out supporting the candidates.

    Later in the day they will be supporting Aaron Foot in Dodington where he is standing for a seat on South Gloucestershire Council.

    Mr Dartmouth said today,” They are both excellent candidates who know that UKIP is doing well in the polls at the expense of the three establishment parties”


  41. How unusual that all the candidates in an election are bickering and pointing fingers at each other. These petty arguments are exactly why no one bothers voting anymore. They’re all like a bunch of children.
    How about someone pointing out what they intend to do instead of bad mouthing the others?
    Why are the buses disappearing? Why can’t we get proper broadband? Why is healthcare provision so poor? Where are the proper cycle networks and facilities? Why have we been given a park-and-ride with no buses?
    Why answer these questions (and the many others) when you can simply blame someone else?

  42. Sue asked: “Is BSJ, the campaign agent for UKIP?”

    Makes a change from being accused of being an undercover Lib Dem agent!

    No! Any further “big gun” announcements will be copied to this thread, irrespective of the party involved.

  43. @Silverfox.

    “hmm see what you mean lots of new people, which has to be good? It has been a while since I have seen this much emotion re an election.”

    I refer you to the editor’s comments …

    “There is also evidence (although nothing conclusive) that some individuals may have been using multiple pseudonyms to make it appear that several people share their views.”

  44. As predicted, the race card gets played yet again by those on this thread who like to squash good, honest and open debate on the topic of immigration.

    Paul Lamb – please explain why you call her views bigoted.

    Andy – good questions!

  45. @Allison,

    You’ve misrepresented my comments quite substantially. I never said Caroline ‘deserves this’, although I do dispute your assertion that local people asking questions about her views is ‘nonsense’. What I said was that if she puts herself up for public office, she should be willing and able to answer legitimate questions about her comments and her views without crying ‘harassment’. If she were to be elected, and were to act in a way that, and I use this term very deliberately, SOME PERCEIVE to be racist, would it then still be harassment to question her suitability? If she is to serve the public in any capacity, she should at least be able to defend her decisions.

    I also never mentioned ‘big party politics’. However I do not think that it is unreasonable to expect high standards from our public servants regardless of the level of Government at which they operate. And since you brought it up, I don’t see why we shouldn’t associate local government candidates with the party whose banner they are standing under. One would assume the candidate shares that party’s philosophy. Caroline was presumably happy for UKIP to pay for her literature and send in the ‘big guns’ (well, Hamilton and Dartmouth…), she should have no problem with being associated with UKIP politics.

    Question is, will they still be happy to be associated with her politics…?

  46. @ Bradley Stoke Ghost

    If you read all the comments the candidate refers to the harassment via a bombardment of tweets from Dillip (who’s twitter account is STILL suspended) not from being asked legitimate questions by legitimate constituents.

  47. Final push from the Conservatives, who delivered a flyer before 8am this morning.

    The polling station at Christ the King Church, Mautravers Close, is open today (Thursday 6th September) from 7am to 10pm.

    More info: The candidates

  48. First of all, the picture tweeted by UKIP candidate is an absolute joke. As she is a resident of Bradley Stoke, she should know that majority (about 90%) of the immigrants living in Bradley Stoke are high tax payers. I know most of the Asian families personally  and i can vouch that none of them are on dole.  In fact I’m yet to meet an Asian family in my last 11 years  who is on benefits.  
    I’d suggest that any prospective candidate should do the research of demographics of their electorate before tweeting. 
    Bradley Stoke is a wonderful place to live, for last 11 years I have enjoyed living here. Locals of Bradley Stoke have been very friendly with us and  Tweets like this certainly incite hatred& distrust  within the communities in Bradley Stoke.

  49. Bradleystokeghost, Oh so it’s ok for you to be misrepresented but not Caroline?? double standards going on here I think. Bakri Baba, If you had read the tweet properly and seen Caroline’s reply to it you would see, quite clearly that there is no issue with tax paying immigrants, high paying or otherwise living in this country! The only people who should have issue with it are those that come here with an open hand and expect to be given houses, benefits and other free services with no intention of working or contributing.
    It certainly doesn’t spread or incite hatred and distrust within the community as I think you may find Caroline would have been arrested and she clearly hasn’t!! You people really need to understand the facts. A poor show of ignorance from people who claim to be politically savvy!

  50. Allison, the question here is how can a common person differentiate between tax paying migrants and benefit scrounge. Perhaps immigrants need to carry their tax returns with them to ensure they are not mistaken for benefits cheat. This type of propaganda only misguides common person and nothing else.

  51. I think it’s only a matter of time that some misguided youth upon reading this tweet attacks an Asian man in Bradley Stoke because that youth thinks All iimmigrants are milking the benefit system and he is doing great service to the country by driving these benefit cheats away.

  52. Bakri Baba, That is just ridiculous! You are turning this into a Black/white issue when it’s nothing of the sort! Immigration Bakri, is people from ANY other country!

  53. I rather take exception to paragraph two of the UKIP letter. It seems to imply a growing popularity for UKIP in Bradley Stoke. We all know that Councillors Walker, Rose & Harris moved to UKIP of their own accord. The people of Bradley Stoke have not actually been afforded the opportunity to vote for a UKIP representative – until today for the residents of Meadowbrook.

    So the only measurable increase by any democratic means is three people. Hardly something to shout about.

    Still at least this time people will actually get to vote, so we will see some democracy.

    Good luck to all candidates, I hope the turnout is good.

  54. Spoke too soon – second Conservative flyer of the day just stuffed through the letterbox, headed:

    “TIME IS RUNNING OUT. Paul Hardwick needs your vote by 10pm tonight.”

  55. Have been told that, in contrast to previous BS by-elections, the votes will be taken to Thornbury for counting after the polling station closes at 10pm. Hence won’t be reporting the result first-hand tonight. Expect we’ll see some news on Twitter though, from those involved.

  56. Cllr Ben Walker (UKIP) on Twitter:

    “I have never seen soooo many Tories, desperately door knocking to win a Town Council By-election. Worried boys???”

  57. By-election result (subject to official confirmation):

    Paul Hardwick (Conservative) 251
    Caroline Sullivan (UKIP) 140
    Robin Horsfall (Labour) 117

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