Police called in to deal with Baileys Court “riot”

Foxcroft Close in Bradley Stoke, scene of fighting between groups of youths.

Police were called to the Baileys Court area of Bradley Stoke several times on Saturday night (22nd September) to deal with a large group of youths “causing nuisance”.

The trouble is believed to have centred on Foxcroft Close, where a house party was being held, but also spread out into Meadow Way and Baileys Court Road.

Police say they were first called at around 10pm and had to return several times despite asking the youths to “move on”.

Reports on Twitter and Facebook put the number of young people involved as high as 250 but police and residents say it was between 30 and 60.

One resident reported seeing a large number of youths, some of them “very young”, congregating along Baileys Court Road at around 11:30pm.

Witnesses say police blocked the entrance to Meadow Way but youngsters continued to “run around”, gaining access to Foxcroft Close over the wall from Webbs Wood Road.

The trouble continued into the early hours of Sunday before the youths finally dispersed. One resident reported seeing a large group of youths being ushered along Baileys Court by two police officers in the direction of Orpheus Avenue.

Police say they believe damage may have been caused to street furniture and other property in the area. Any residents wishing to report damage to their property are asked to contact police on 101.

Photo: Foxcroft Close, pictured on Sunday morning. [Photo: Anthony Ward. Original: http://t.co/9O1HBdpp]

A resident of Foxcroft Close told The Journal’s reporter:

“There are too many young people living in this street. There are always parties going on.”

Messages on Twitter suggest that youths from Filton, Patchway, Lockleaze and Yate may have been involved.

How the incident was reported on Facebook and Twitter

A selection of social media messages believed to relate to the incident:

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  1. It happened because the Girl who had the House Party has friends from different areas of Bristol and they all turned up and started to fight with each other,and also hung about in Little stoke park. Horfield /filton /yate/winterbourne/southmead,These were most of the people that caused the damage and fighting ,so please dont blame those from the Local area .There is also rumours going around that they want to all come back to the area and have another big fight ,well lets hope they dont.

  2. Totally agree with Happy on this one. My son was on his way to another party with some friends around 7.30pm when they came across around 100 people from filton/patchway/horfield in Little Stoke Park looking for this girls house as they had heard that she had invited people from Yate (who apparently are part of the Yate massive). It was this crowd that then after hanging around in Little Stoke for a while made there way to her house and caused the trouble not this poor girl or any of the local people.
    I am not condoning this behaviour and will never really understand why it has to happen but this rivalry area thing has been going on for years and years although always used to take place in schools or fields, it is just unfortunate that they had heard about this party and chose to use that to start these rival fights. There will always be retaliation fights and not really sure how these can be stopped unless it is an organised one and the police get wind of it before hand, which is very unlikely. We had heard that some people were injured with glass and there was also a rumour that someone had been stabbed but not sure how true this is as nothing has been reported, lets just hope that they dont come back or it could be worse next time. Will be taking my son to and from everywhere now rather than just picking them up so that there is no risk of him and his mates being innocently caught up in any repercussions.

  3. We also had problems on sat night/sun morning with youths around the hedgerows/shepherds walk area, I would assume this is connected. The police were called several times i believe.

  4. It wasnt any one from patchway that caused or started any trouble just these outsiders and they still want to have a fight with those other youths from outside of the area if thats the case let them but in their own place not in ours

  5. Im just glad nobody got badly hurt just a few bruises and cuts nothing life changing ,glad my son whom is a friend of this girl didnt go and kept away .Only trouble is you cant always be around to make sure they dont get hurt when going to a party at their age 16/17 you just have to tell them if there is any trouble walk away or call to be picked up .

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