The Bradley Stoke Pub to close for refurbishment

Posted on Thursday 27th September 2012 at 6:03 pm by SH (Editor)

The Bradley Stoke Pub, Brook Way, Bradley Stoke, Bristol.

The Bradley Stoke Pub in Brook Way is to close tonight for a lengthy period of refurbishment after recently changing hands, The Journal has learned.

Previously in the ownership of The Orchid Group, the pub is said to have been bought by Marston’s, who also own the town’s Baileys Court Inn.

A source at The Bradley Stoke said staff had only been formally told about the closure last week and there is still uncertainty over whether they will be retained by the new owners or face redundancy. A total of 14 people (full and part-time) are said to be employed at the pub.

It is rumoured that the pub will not re-open until 2013 because the new owners need to obtaining planning permission for some aspects of the refurbishment.

[Ed: Neither Orchid Group nor Marston’s were able to provide a statement in time for the publication of this article but we will update it if we get anything back from either of them.]

UPDATE (Friday 28th): A Marston’s spokesperson said: “We are looking to obtain planning permission to renovate The Bradley Stoke. The planned refurbishments would see the pub reopening again in 2013 with a focus on food.”

The Bradley Stoke Pub, pictured during a refurbishment in April 2009.

Photo: The Bradley Stoke Pub pictured during its last refurbishment in April 2009.

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13 Responses to “The Bradley Stoke Pub to close for refurbishment”

  1. Patchway Bloke Says:

    Marston’s will make a good job of it if Bailey’s Court is anything to go by. I’ve not been in the The Bradley Stoke Pub for years as It just wasn’t half as appealing as Bailey’s Court.

  2. zidergirl Says:

    Glad to hear! the latest manager been really rude and unhelpful, made us travel further afield. (He would not swap a few peas for a little bit of salad as it costs more on a meal , never ever heard that before . Was one event.)
    Have been using The Baileys court alot more and cant praise them enough, also the Three Brooks too – nice choice in real ales too from both, Beer was often off in the Bradley Stoke. The pub hasnt had the friendly feel for years !

  3. Happy Says:

    Baileys Court isnt that special its ok if you would like a cheap meal ,the same for the Three Brook that has gone down hill since they have let children in .you have to go further afield to get a nice meal.

  4. Me Says:

    The Bailey’s is much better after the refurb, so hopefully the Bradley Stoke will be alright. The Bailey’s is the best in the area, but then the whole area is completely devoid of a decent, proper pub.

    The Brooks was amazing when Mark was the landlord (5 years or so ago). Very clean, quiet, good food. Best part was there was no TV, no music.

    Then the new landlord came in and the place went right downhill. After the desperately needed refurb they put in TVs. When we asked about them they said ‘oh, they’re just only for special events’. (This was when one of the signs out front boasted ‘No TV, No music, A proper pub’) Now they’re on sports news, constantly (at least they’re on mute mostly).

    Went for a pint last night and the first thing you see when you come in is the grubby smoking area and litter all around.

  5. SH (Editor) Says:

    A statement from Marston’s has just been appended to the article.

  6. anon-e-mouse Says:

    So no planning permission in place, yet it’s already closed. Doesn’t bode well

  7. Bert Says:

    Can’t say I’ve been to the Bradley Stoke for a long time – it was always the poorer pub of the town with dubious beers. Marstons do at least get proper ales in, but the real maker of a good pub is always the landlord/lady and the clientelle.

  8. annoyed Says:

    Hooray no more sick and broken glass to dodge in the mornings

  9. Sally Says:

    Personally, I think The Three Brooks is the best pub, and nothing wrong with the smoking area- Where do you want people to smoke!

  10. annoyed Says:

    Sally not in front of the entrances that is for sure…… at home would be nicer for everyone.

  11. Me Says:

    I don’t mind the smokers – it’s just that that area is really grubby. The patio is discoloured and there’s loads of butts lying around. It was more of a comment about the general cleanliness of the outside areas, not the smokers themselves.

  12. Bradleystokelad Says:

    They really should consider making it a wetherspoons. Will be such a good idea for bradley stoke.

  13. bobD Says:

    Shame, now there will be even more people going to the Three Brooks loitering on the streets until 4am screaming, singing, fighting and vomiting amongst local family homes whilst the pub owner disregards the closing time and the police do nothing…

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