Appeal to find missing Bradley Stoke woman

Asta Samuliomene, missing from Bradley Stoke.

Police are appealing for help in locating a woman who has gone missing from her home in Bradley Stoke.

Asta Samuliomene, who is 33 years old, was last seen at her home on Monday 1st October.

Her family and her police are concerned for her welfare and would appeal to Asta to make contact and let them know she is safe and well.

Asta is described as white, approximately 5’5″ tall, of a slim build with short, dark brown hair in a bob style. She was wearing reading glasses and may be in possession of a brown bag.

Anyone who knows where Asta is, or Asta herself, is asked to contact the police on 101.

UPDATE (3rd October): Police searching for missing Bradley Stoke woman Asta Samuliomene have found a body.

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  1. Unfortunately for her she is not English. If she was English (like Joanna Yates (don’t remember her name exactly) who died in Clifton 2 years ago, or Maddy (in Portugal) or the little girl missing in Wales), everybody would be on the street searching for her, with Skynews, the Sun etc…. But she is not English, so I suppose nobody really cares. That’s very sad. Why we don’t see Police around Bradley Stoke like we seen Police by Clifton 2 years ago (If I remember right!).
    Personally I think this is sad. Sad for her family, and sad for the society. I hope she will be found soon and safe , and I hope also we will find the little girl missing in Wales.

  2. Officers involved in the search for missing Asta Samuliomene have found a body.

    It has not yet been possible to carry out a formal identification.

    The matter is now in the hands of the Coroner.

    No further information has been released at this stage.

  3. That’s rubbish the police are seeking evidence in all the people named above and talking to people ,it has nothing what’s so ever to do with where she comes from ,and just because its not on the tv as much as a child is because just that its is a child

  4. @Bradley Stoker, The Western Counties Air Operations Unit has confirmed that the police helicopter activity over south Bradley Stoke on Monday night was in connection with a “missing person search”.

  5. @SH (Editor) many thanks. Shame they don’t have some kind of .xml / feed file that you could manipulate and pump into a page containing this info.

  6. Two female suicides on the tracks in two days here locally?

    Too cruel anywhere.

    What a sad time, along with all the other awful stories mentioned above.

    Hope peace is found by those seeking it. It’s a cruel world.

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